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Scary Spice/ Mel B

In my 2nd post of thrift store finds from August I show you the Scary Spice doll I found and I told you I had another.  I am now going to talk about the dolls and show them to you.  but firt a little on the women and the doll.

Melanie Janine Brown born 29 May 1975 is English is a R&B and pop recording artist, songwriter, dancer, actress, author, television presenter and model. Brown was born in England to an English mother and a black Nevisian father and grew up in Burley, West Yorkshire. Brown rose to fame when she became a member of British girl group, the Spice Girls, in which she was famously known as "Scary Spice".  Her career spawn the dolls in this post produced by Galoob, Toymax Inc/ Toymax (Yaboom) Inc./Street Life Limited and Hasbro/Galoob.  The Spice Girls dolls are celebrity dolls based on the popular girl-group the Spice Girls. They were first released by Galoob Toys from 1997.  The dolls became a huge hit during the Christmas seasons of 1997 and 1998, selling over eleven million.

Eleven different sets of dolls were released. A "Sound Stage" playset was released and extra costumes "Spiceworld Fashions" (two sets of four fashions), later sold as "Spice It Up 2". The most sought after line of all the dolls is the original "Girl Power" set. The set features Geri Halliwell in her iconic Union Flag dress. Dolls featuring the girls with outfits from their music videos were planned, but never released.

When Geri Halliwell departed from the group in May 1998, Galoob continued the line with all five girls. It was a year after she left when Galoob finally released the sets of dolls that only had the four remaining girls. More than likely "On Tour," "Superstar Collection," "Concert Collection, and "Spice It Up! 1" were far enough into production that Galoob decided to release the Geri doll. Galoob was subsequently bought by Hasbro. Hasbro was going to continue the line into 2000, with the "Millennium Tour Collection" set for release in October. The Hasbro website had a page saying coming soon, but Hasbro stopped the line when the future of the Spice Girls became uncertain.

Galoob Five doll collections:

  • "Girl Power" - Autumn 1997 - ©1997 Galoob Toys, Inc.
  • "On Tour" - June 1998 - ©1998 Galoob Toys, Inc. (2 versions of Posh were made, original with long hair, 2nd with new short bob)
  • "Superstar Collection" - August 1998 - ©1998 Galoob Toys, Inc. (5 dolls in 1 box)
  • "Concert Collection" - Autumn 1998 - ©1998 Galoob Toys, Inc.
  • "Spice It Up! 1" - January 1999 - ©1999 Galoob Toys, Inc.

Galoob/Hasbro Four doll collections:

  • "On Stage" - June 1999 - ©1999 Galoob Toys, Inc. (Pre-production Geri was created, but never produced and sold)
  • "Spice It Up! 2" - Summer 1999 - ©1999 Galoob Toys, Inc., a subdivision of Hasbro (with Spiceworld Fashions, ©1998 Galoob Toys, Inc.)
  • "Viva Forever 1" - Autumn 1999 - © 1999 Hasbro, Inc. (Including the Viva Forever videotape - shown at the 1999 Toy Fair as the "Collector Series" ©1999 Galoob Toys, Inc.)
  • "Viva Forever 2" - Autumn 1999 - © 1999 Hasbro, Inc. (Including the Viva Forever fairy finger puppets)
  • "Millennium Tour Collection" - October 2000 - © 2000 Hasbro, Inc. (Unproduced)

"Concert Collection" and "Viva Forever 1" came with the Galoob Anastasia body. Do to the heavy volume, many of the "Girl Power" and "On Tour" doll were also sold with this body.

The dolls are now collectables. Some of the dolls are rare as well collectable, especially the "Girl Power" & "On Tour" sets that have joints in their arms and legs (Concert Collection bodies) and the "Spice It Up 2" set with the Spiceworld fashions. Many imitatons of the dolls have been made, most notably the "Girls Power" dolls and the "Spicy Collections" dolls don't even resemble the appearance of the Spice Girls.

Toymax (Yaboom)/Street Life collections

Toymax Inc/ Toymax (Yaboom) Inc./Street Life Limited made singing and talking dolls at the same time, but they were not popular and many fans thought they were ugly.

  • "My First Singing Spice Girl" Dolls - © 1998 - Street Life Limited
  • "My Outfit, My Song" Fashions - © 1998 - Street Life Limited
  • "My New Talking Spice Girl" Dolls - © 1999 Toymax Inc./Street Life Limited
    The doll I found at the thrift store was this one!  Spice It Up #1

    There are some differences in the head/face sulpt and body.
     Below is the 'Viva Forever Dancing Finger Puppet' Series.

    Below is the ToymaxInc/ Toymax (Yaboom) Inc./Street Life Limited  doll.
    Below is the Concert Collection doll.  I have this one too!

    Let's Compare!

    Warning Nude Dolls!

    So this is the doll I purchased from the thrift store.  She is a Spice It Up!- Mel B. My other doll, a Mel B, Concert Collection, I purchased new from TRU several years ago.

     Here is a closeup on her face. It is a pretty face.
    Here is a close-up of the face of the Concert Collection doll. Her face is pretty too!

     Both doll's faces together.  You can see that they are simular but different.  Like the differences you see with sisters.  Spice It Up has a wider face and eyes, a broader nose, no blush and a deep cherry lip color.  Concert Collection has hugher checkbones, a more oval face, plum blush and lips.
     The  body color on theses dolls is different. Concert Collection is more of a carmel colored.  She also has a smaller bust, pivotal waiste and elbow with smaller hips.
     Now I didn't follow Mel B much, so I don't know if the tatoos these dolls have are copys of the ones that Mel B herself has but here are two tatoos.  One on the hip/waiste and ...
     one on her back.

    She wears a ring on her finger and thumb.  Most version of the doll has the snake arm bracelet except Concert Collection. My Spice It Up is missing hers. Suprisingly neither doll comes with earings!

    Here is the feet of both dolls. CC on the left and SIU on the right.
     Side View
    Both dolls have the same color chunk hair color of bronze, copper and brown.  SIU Mel B is a softer fiber.  You can tell this one's hair was combed and play with. It is a little fuzzy.  My CC hair is pretty much the same as when I purchased it.  The hard texture of the CC doll'd hair didn't lend itself to restyling and that may be why I didn't try.

     From the back!

    Full Body 

    OK That is is!

    Thanks for Looking!


    Muff said...

    I quite like the Concert version the best. Her face looks more "natural" and I'm always down for some articulation.

    OMG, that finger puppet is the scariest thing I've ever seen. I watch a lot of horror movies and it could have a leading role in one.

    Brini said...

    Thanks for all the great info on this doll. I see her from time to time on Ebay. I never know she had a tattoo on her! Thanks for letting me know.

    Magdalena said...

    When I was younger I loved Spice Girls. You done good job to comparte those two dolls! :)

    Georgia Girl said...

    Great post! I wasn't aware that there were so many. I have one in leopard two-piece outfit similar to outfit #2. I need to check out the hair and face. I like the one with the softer hair best.

    limbe dolls said...

    I didn't know there were so many Spice Girls dolls. I have one but she isn't one of the ones you show here. Thanks for all the info.

    Male Doll World said...

    I enjoyed your post. I have a few of the Scary Spice dolls that you have listed.

    Marta said...

    Hello from Spain: I was a fan of the Spice Girls. Years ago in my country were a band very famous. My favorite was Victoria Beckham ... I really like the information your post. I like the tattoo on her back. The two dolls are beautiful. Keep in touch

    Ms. Leo said...

    Thanks for your comments Muff, Brini, Magdalena, Georgia Girl, limbe dolls and Male Doll World.

    I meant to post this link to a picture of SIU rerooted black. She looks really good with that hair color!

    Muff, I have thought about reboding both of them on a fashionista body. Who know what the new year will bring... like some money! I don't think they had a test audience on the finger puppet.

    Brini, I'm thinking Mel B is a bit of a wild child! She is a cute doll but I don't know about ebay prices for her.

    Magdalena, Thanks for the positive feedback.

    Georgia Girl, Always check them out! You never when when a doll in in the box if the body is staining.

    limbe check the link for "images to help you keep up" for photos of the other verions of the doll. It is pretty comprehensive.

    Male Doll World, You need to have a Scary Spice show so we all can see!

    Carrickters said...

    Fascinating. I knew there were Spice Girl dolls but I didn't know there were so many or that they were made by different companies. Thanks for the information and comparison and photos. A great thrift store find.

    D7ana said...

    Congratulations on your great find!

    I have a Mel B, too, but she's the one in the leopard print bra and pants ;-D

    Vanessa said...

    Great info. Didn't know there were so many. I think I like the Street Life doll the best. Next would be the articulated one you have.

    Ms. Leo said...

    Thanks CarricktersD7ana and Vanessa for your comments!

    Vanessa and Carrickters, I too was suprised to find out that there wers so many different dolls. It seems like these companies were doing will with them.

    Vanessa, they did make some really great outfits!

    Ms. Leo said...

    Hello Marta! Sorry I missed your comment. I guess they were really big in Europe! They were what every little girl wanted to be. Have two Victoria Beckhams. One to keep and one for sale along with Baby Spice. Keep in touch!

    Jose Fenoy said...

    Hola Marta yo las tengo todas,saludos desde almeria