Monday, September 24, 2012

The Reading's

Meet The Reading’s

Mr. Reading is bringing his daughter to school on her first day. They have just moved to Johnston.

Mr. Reading:  See, this school isn’t too different from your last school and I ‘m sure that the teachers and students are as nice too!   
Mr. Reading: I guess we should say hello to the readers.

Hi, I’m Brie and this is my father Carmine Reading. 

He is a pharmacist. My sisters Rihannah and Matty are still back in B-more with my grandma.  They Should be here soon.
Carmine: Brie, you should only use slang language when talking to your friends.  It is Baltimore and Grandmother…Ok! 
Brie: Yes dad!

Carmine: I hear there is a great science program here so you should like that. Carmine has always supported his daughter’s love of science.

Alright Pumpkin, You have a great day and…

I will pick you up after school this week and next week is a walk to school week.

Brie gives her dad a big hug and says goodbye.

A few minutes later Brie is joined by other children.

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Sergio said...

I like these views into Johnston families :) Does Carmine have italian origins?

Muff said...

Ah, I love the kiss and hug! And Grandma is slang? I just thought it was country.

Heather said...

Haha, I was amused that Grandma was slang as well... oh my... what wicked parts of the country have I been living in?!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: children always adapt quickly to new friends. I'm glad that Brie has friends in the new school. We keep in touch.

Carrickters said...

Another lovely family group. I have to say Grandma is not slang here. In fact grandmother is probably used more for writing and grandma is used more when speaking but countries differ.

Maria said...

I loved your story about the first day at the new school and Brie has a lovely face, full of character.

D7ana said...

Nice to see your Defa guy out of the box and in a photo story. They're a cute pair, father and daughter.

Brini said...

Love the families and the kids are cute. Kids do tend to adapt quickly and make new friends. As for the use of grandma vs grandmother. I called my grandmother, Grandmother and I was raised to call my mother, Mother.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Sergio, Muff, Heather, Marta, Carrickters, Maria, D7ana, and Brina!

Sergio, Yes, he is part Italian on his mother's side! But carmine also means crimson red. I do have a bad habit of telling jokes that only a few people get.;)

Muff, As for the kiss and hug, like Vanessa would say, the dolls did it. As I was setting up the shot, that was the position I found them in... so I went with it!

Brina, I think Carmine was worried how the girls would handle the move but it looks like it is going well!

Muff, Heather, Carrickters and Brina, My father's family came up north (above the Mason Dixon Line my mother's family had always been here. There were some... differences... as to what was acceptable around our house. I wanted to show that. I do think that what is acceptable varies from family to family and country to country. It is what makes families different and special!

Hello Marta! Brie is happy now with the move! She feels it she is fitting in.

D7ana, I wanted to see him on someone's blog! Why not mine! He can't just sit in a discount store.
He must get some post "love".