Saturday, October 6, 2012

At Least Someone Can Relax!

Hi All!

I know I have posted in a while. This is a crazy time for me and I have more than one person plucking the last nerve! That has kept me from my dolly fun and posting. If you notice I put dolly fun first. I think I am going to put more energy in to the fun and not feel so bad about not always posting. Last year my goal was to post every three days for about a hundred posts a year. I didn’t do too bad last year but that is hard to keep up with all the other things I do. So I will cut back for now. I will try to streamline things to make it easier for me to post and review my blog and make changes. That will allow me more time to read your keep em coming!

I made some time to play with Kieu. I love her on her new body.  It was relaxing spending time with her! I tried outfits on her, worked out some of her story and the story for other dolls too. I find that their fashions and where they live helps to drive the character. I will post of my progress! But for now, at least Kieu is relaxing.

Hi Guys! It me Kieu!

I finally got time to myself

to relax and drink some coco!

I thought I would pamper myself and relax.

I got some of my favorite products out.

I work pretty hard so it really nice to have some down time.

My husband has the kids and they went to the park.  The house is quiet!

I might do some shopping on the computer.

 I might even take a nap!
Tomorrow will be another busy day!

So I'm going to enjoy the day!

See you later!

Thanks For Looking!


Tracy India said...

She's beautiful! I love the set up you have in her room. What body is she on again? Is it the Disney or the Fashionistas body?

Isn't it fun creating the characters and their stories? I think that's the best part, I mean other than buying more, LOL.

I've made a promise that once I get enough goodies, to post once a week. If I get that down, it will be real progress. :)

Love your posts!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Love the decor, especially the green chair.

Blog when you can, planned or unplanned, whatever works best for you and your schedule.


smidge girl said...

Kieu looks terrific on her new body, that's a great skin tone match. And I love all her teeny beauty products. I'm a total beauty junkie too, lol.

I think a lot of people are feeling what you're feeling right now-- this is supposed to be fun, right? And you kinda wanna have a life, too! Enjoy yourself, and I'll keep enjoying your posts when you feel like making them. :)

Carrickters said...

I'm glad you and Kieu had a fun, relaxing time. As for blog posts, my philosophy is it is an enjoyable way of sharing your hobby with online friends - they enjoy it when you post but you shouldn't put any pressure on yourself, just do it when you can. Life is busy for all of us and we understand.

Chynadoll said...

She looks so relaxed! Love her surroundings:) I totally agree with you! Blog when you feel like it! I had to slow things down for myself. It was starting to feel like a job! Don't want or need that! Life does come first:)

Georgia Girl said...

Hey Ms Leo! Love your diorama. I also love beauty products, so super love your props. Whenever you post it is always a joy, so please do so at your leisure.

Muff said...

I think that posting should be a pleasure. A time when you want to share, not have to. I remember one person asked me quite firmly when I was going to hurry up and post. My response was, "Whenever." LOL It usually works out that I post once a week, but not always as sometimes free time is hard to come by.

I have the vanity match to that dresser! Some of my drawers are missing though since I got it from the thrift store.

Your doll is looking quite relaxed. What does she have her foot in?

Niel said...

*sigh* I wanna sit down and relax with her. :)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations this decoration. I really like your furniture. I envy Kieu! She is very relaxed ... Keep in touch

limbe dolls said...

Good to see a working woman taking some "me" time. I think that if "me" time includes doll fun without pressure to post, there is no reason to feel guilty about posting less frequently. Your posts are greatly appreciated whenever you do have time to share.

Vanessa said...

Relax, what's that? Love her little oasis. I was thinking about soaking my feet today. Maybe she has inspired me to do that. Yep. I'm going to get the water ready right now. Thanks!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments and on the pressure to blog Tracy India, dbg of BDE, smidge girl, Carrickters, Chynadoll, Georgia Girls, Muff, Niel, Marta, limbe dolls,and Vanessa! I am so glad that all of you understand and that I won't be letting down the people who follow my blog. The pressure takes alot of the fun out of it and it was starting to feel like a job I to remind myself to do.

Tracy, the buying, trying on outfits and creating the characters and their stories is the best part of doll fun. I could do it for hours but nothing else would get done. Taking the pictures isn't as much fun for me.

She is on the Disney body (first, not the new one) and I love playing with her so much more now!

dbg of BDE, Those chairs are one of the best things that Mattel made. I was so lucky to find a second set at the thrift store.

smidge girl, Kieu does love the products. She can't leave a new item in the store.

Carrickters, Chynadoll, She really need it with working and a family.

Georgia Girl and Muff, I don't get a chance to play with my props enough! If I want to do nice dios, that will need to change. I have a ton of dolly products that have see the light. I'm glad that you like them. Muff, I saw your vanity, you lucky duck, and hope to get the it one day. Kieu's feet are soaking in a tub. It is really a cap. :)

Niel, Just sit back and put your feet up!

Marta, Thanks! The furniture are some of my favorite pieces.

limbe dolls, I think most working women need "me time". I remember reading a card in a gift shop that said that behind every working women is a load of laundry waiting to be done. I laughed because it is so true!

Vanessa, I think I need a pedi too!

Forestminuet said...

I love your Kieu! And the room she is in is perfect. Love the striped walls. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Forestminuet. This room and the striped walls are very Kieu.