Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thrift Store Finds for August! Part #1

Hi Gang!

So recently I have been spending money like a drunken sailor! I bought some new stuff as you have seen! I purchased Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow, Dynamite Girl Back to Brooklyn Remi and Fast Track Victor, Modern Circle Melody, a few Chelsea friends, Justin Beibers, Ken clothing, Asian Barbie for President and Wigged Out Ken.  I might have gotten a few more things that I didn't think of while posting this.

But I also got some plenty of items from the thrift store too! So this is part one of my purchases for August. Yes, I know it is September but I got a little behind! OK, so here we go.

I found these farm/horse items that will fit well with my barn and horse!  The scale is a little off but I think I can make it work.  This stuff came like this…no box.  So I don’t know who it is by but for I dollar, I will not complain.

It looks like the horses would do some jumping with this one.

And maybe did some winning too! There are a few winners’ cups and a horseshoe wreath.
A few other odds and ends.

I put Sharpay in for scale.

There might have been a horse or a doll missing from the set.

You can see some items are missing but must of it is there.
Sharpay kind of like thes things but she like that  dress too!

I think these are interesting.
I will have to remove the sign and raide this to use it.

I can't figure out the what the gold but is used for.

Some food!

Cleaning tools

I also got heres there for a dollar too!
You can always use some greenery!

Thanks For Looking!


Sergio said...

You always find cool stuffs! I have the same Sharpay doll too! I'm thinking to rebody her, in my opinion, she has a quite adult face for that teen body

Tracy India said...

Great find, and a dollar is always good, LOL.

I can totally relate to the "spending money like a drunken sailor" comment. I feel the same way. And, like a drunken sailor, when I get some of the items in the mail, I feel a little disappointed and say to myself..."Oh Lord, what did I do last night?" :/

Vanessa said...

My horses are so jealous! My head started spinning after reading your recent doll purchase list. I'm not exactly sure why.

AARRRGGGHHH! They won't let my comment go through. I will try one more time. Why do you torture me so, Ms. Leo?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Sergio, Tracy India and Vanessa!

Sergio, I think you are right and I do plan to rebody one of my Sharpay dolls. I have 2. I may keep the other on the original body as a sister.

Tracy India, I really got some great stuff lately. I can't believe it but I have got to sober up now. We coming into the Holiday season. I might get a few more purchase in...he he!

Vanessa, I'm not try to torture you it is security! I must admit I do like the fact that I don't have to do the computer check thing on your blog. I sure you have way more dolls and things than I purchased in that basement! Boy, would I like to get in that basement!

Pam said...

Congratz for all the cool stuff that YOU bought,Ms Leo :D
I actually ended up overspending on clothes & accessory packs for Barbie fashionista in August,will try my best to not get carried away2 in September ;)Lets see!!!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love your purchases in August. In the shops of your city's furniture and gorgeous elements. Keep in touch

Adrian said...

Cool finds! I found those same exact trees at my thrift lol Greenery is always good :)

D7ana said...

Cool finds, Ms. Leo! Congratulations on them - especially Dreamy Remi ... sigh.

I agree with Sergio about the Sharpay head looking better on a taller Barbie body; the first Sharpay was on a Barbie-sized body. (The first HSM dolls were 11.5" for girls or 12" for boys.)

Your horse track accessories might have been from a set sold at Big Lots! I don't know a specific set or manufacturer, but I think of BL when I looked at the set. Shrug.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Pam Marta, Adrian and D7ana!

Pam, It is so hard to not get carried away. I will have to be good now...Santa might be watching! ;) I hope you do better at it too!

Adrian, Welcome to my blog! I guess that greenery must be popular. There is one thrift store I go to more than any other and they always have some there really cool for me.

D7ana, I think you're right about BL. They seem to be the only one carring those big sets anymore. Had they changes the size of the head from the first taller HSM doll to the smaller ones? I don't remember see the full set of the taller dolls too much and what about their fashions?

Muff said...

LOL, I thought that druken sailors spent their money on ladies of the evening, not doll merch.

You are going to have to run a horse boarding business with all the awesome stuff you have been finding lately.

Man, I was trying to find some topiary like that and Joanns had the nerve to be charging $14.99 for this itty bitty one! I'm going to try to make one out of dollar store moss.

Ms. Leo said...

Hey Muff, I spent on ladies...may that will be close enough. I am really going to have to do something with all of this horse stuff to justify having it!

Girl, they want way to much for greenery at most of the craft stores. You have to catch a sale there!

Ms. Leo said...

Hey Muff, I spent on ladies...may that will be close enough. I am really going to have to do something with all of this horse stuff to justify having it!

Girl, they want way to much for greenery at most of the craft stores. You have to catch a sale there!