Friday, August 17, 2012

Out And About Part 2!

Out And About Part 2!

So there were other things that I saw while out and about that didn’t make the first post! If you missed my first post here is the link.  I saw  some Biebers!

I have this guy.

I like the clothing on this guy!  I wish there was a market for nude Biebers!  I didn’t think I’ll get him…yet.

I was hoping with the new GI Joe movie that we might get a new 12 inch Dwayne Johnson figure but thus far it is a no!  I am keeping hope alive for him! This figure is smaller than 12 inches.

I saw the D1 guys too!  There is something about their posture that is odd.  I am looking forward to OOAK of them to pop up on the net!  It soo great to see what others doll collectors can do. I think I like the outfit with the jacket.  There isn’t anything special about the outfits of the rest of the dolls.

This guy is very short! He is even shorter than GI Joe!

His face looks likeDomic Purcell, the guy form Prison Break. He is too small for me to use for any thing but I stopped to look!

Is Skipper old enough to drive?

I hope that is Barbie beside her in the cart and not another of Skippers teenaged friends!

These girls are cute!  They don’t fit into my dolly world but they are cute!

Look at that face! I don't know how they got the name.

Hair –Tastic Barbie/Nikki! 
This girl is another example of Mattel odd articulation.  She has articulated legs but not arms.

 Her hair color is really, really nice!

There are some new clothing packs!

I purchased this one (Dance Rock Pop Punk)!  I’m seeing Bea in some of these outfits.  I wanted to see the new Ken fashion packs too but they didn’t have them.  I was told that they look better on the web that in person.  They said that could have eliminated the pink stitching on the suit and the pink tie on the shirt. The sports sets are the 1 ½ and 2 ½ sets and not the three full outfit sets.

They had the Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet! 

 I couldn’t tell from the web that most of the items were just pictures!  You can see that they are in person. Umm, that is why I have to make trips to stores to see them in person.  It isn't shopping, it is research! 

I was really interested in it until I saw it in person. I found something else that I think I can use.

Barbie and Ken are snow boarding!  Mattel should have to list if the doll's body is articulated on the box!Vanessa, somehow I don’t see Nikki and Darius wearing this on their ski trip!

Thanks For Looking!


jassica joe said...

all of them are nice dolls.congrats on your new fashon pack.

Mustiwait said...

I agree Ms. Leo I think they should say if the doll is articulated. And Biebers clothes are nice. Thanks for sharing your research.

Muff said...

That second Bieber looks completely different from the others I've seen. He has a youngerish looking face.

I want that Rock figure even if he is small, but not for 20 bucks.

Those One Direction dolls just are not appealing to me and I thought they would be. I they are something I'd only get on clearance.

I'm assuming that the Hair-Tastics have articulated knees because they come with chairs and they wanted them to be demur in those short dresses I guess.

Thanks for showing us what's out and about!

Vanessa said...

Great research! I saw the 1 Direction dolls today. I'm going to pass. They look a little cartoony to me. Not as nice as The Wanted doll I bought.
That is the right price for the Ken outfits. Mattel has never done the 3 outfits for Ken. Lady outfits single and packed are about $3.50, unless you are getting gowns in single packs and they are a little more. Ken single outfits have always been in the $5.99 range. So two outfits for $11 - $13 is right on target. They didn't take anything away. I almost bought the sisters jetski today, and I plan on getting this golf cart, too. Things like this come in handy for my stories and videos. I'm sure on some golf courses, the teenagers are free to drive the golf carts. I have yet to see that closet in the store. I don't mind the pictures because it keeps things from falling all over. But the price would need to be right before I purchase it, but it's on the list.
Thanks again for sharing.

Carrickters said...

Of course it's not shopping, it's definitely research. Your photo of Justin Bieber is interesting - here in Australia Toys 'R Us stock a Cody Simpson doll and he looks very similar. Maybe they have used the Bieber doll as a base and given him blonde hair and blue eyes.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you're right that Skipper is too small to be able to drive that car. I did not know that furniture. I like. Curiously Hair Barbie has articulated legs and arms stiff. I do not understand the criteria used by Mattel. I have Barbie's new wardrobe. I love the outfits ... I love watching the news that's on sale in stores in your city. Thanks for showing. Keep in touch

Sergio said...

I loved this post! It seems to be there with you! Skipper isn't too young for driving, she's 5o after all! It's politically correct from Mattel that she has a car, her sister has tons of cars! I think that Hair-Tastic has a great hair color too, plus, I like the chair, the dress and the comb!! The clothing packs are freakin cool!! I like them!! The fairies, are from the last Barbie's movie "The Princess&The Popstar". Here in Italy will be released on October, so the merchandise hasn't come yet

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments jassica joe, Mustiwait, Muff, Vanessa, Carrickters, Marta and Sergio! I knew you would be able to appreciate my research.

jassica joe, I'm glad you liked them!

Mustiwait, I just think doing that would be fair! I have gotten several dolls home and was disappointed!

Muff, The Rock is too fine! I just love him in the Scorpion King! I could use another 12 inch one! Yeah, D1 only on sale! You're right, Hair Tastic has to be able to sit with her legs closed because she can't put her hand in front of the legs and God for bid that the dress would be longer! I'm glad I could show the new stuff.

Vanessa, With the quality of your last few videos, you need Tyler Perry to give you some studio time! Maybe he could fee up some grips and sound techs too! Yeah, your in the big time. You would get good use of the cart. I haven't seen the jetski. So the price on the Ken pack are right, I guess I'm just being cheap!

Carrickters, We have Cody Simpson her too. I think he uses the Bieber body but yes the head and face is different.

Marta, Hello Spain! I glad you found everything interesting! Skipper is a little small for the cart but if she has an adult with her she might be OK! Keep in touch.

Sergio, I'm glad you could come along with me! I didn't know Skipper was that old! She is aging well! At 50 she might not need to be driving. She might need a driver! Thanks for the info on the Princess and the Popstar movie! I didn't know. I really love the hair color on the Hair Tastic Nikki. It was done well. I might have to back and get a few more of those fashion packs. You are right, they areare freakin cool!!

Tracy India said...

Ms. Leo, thank you for taking the time to take and upload these photos. I was also interested in the Barbie closet but know that I know it's mostly picture/stickers, I think I'll save my dough. I can pull a MyFroggyStuff and make the same thing for less money.

I really like the GI Joe Dwayne Johnson head mold. I'm hoping they make a 1/6 scale character. He's sooooo fine!

Love the Barbie Fashion pack you chose, very nice. I think Bea will look fabulous in them.

I hope the snowboarding couple is articulate. I personally snowboard, and know you can't do it with stiff arms and legs, LOL.

Great post!

Male Doll World said...

I saw the Dwayne Johnson figure and I was going to buy it even though it was less than 12". The cost was high for it not to be 12" so I did not get it.

Forestminuet said...

I too was unimpressed with the Fashionistas Ultimate Closet. It would have been a much more impressive closet had some more of the pictures been accessories. 20+ pieces is not enough for a "fashionista" haha!

Ms. Leo said...

Tracy India, Male Doll World and Forestminuet, Wow! Sorry I missed your comments but I found them now so I can answer.

Tracy India, So you snowboard the the Cali commercial! Way cool!

Sad that we are missing out on the Rock...he is so fine!

Bea needs somethings but she not getting these.

Tracy and Forestminuet, I think the fashionista closet is a Mattel joke! Ha ha! The joke on you! I can take my own pictures for 20 bucks! With the closet and the partically articulated dolls the fashionista are become less fashionista-ish!

Male Doll World, GI Joe has had a 12 inch doll lately, it is about time!!! No 6" dolls for 12" money!