Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun Date Ken!

So gang, Mattel has come out with Fun Date Ken! As I said, when I first saw him I said to myself …WTF! Mattel has lost its’ mind! The women at the check asked me if Ken had come out of the closet. As I looked at him I saw possibilities and I purchased him. So here are some photos for you.

Mattel Promo Photo

At the store

He comes dressed in a blue shirt and black pants plus a plaid shirt and a white graphic tee along with the three wigs. No articulation. Sigh! And Mattel used to give you three outfits.  Now they give you 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 outfits in the space for 3 outfits pack. Bad Mattel!  I posted some photos of KiKi in the  /Fun date Ken’s wig. If you missed it check it out here!

When I thought about what Ken has gone over the last few years to get back with Barbie, it seems kinda sad! He has resorted to wigs to make himself interesting for Barbie! How bad is the relationship when as a man, you have to breakout the wigs! Mmmm, Mmmm! Ken it is time to move on to some other plastic woman who can appreciate a sensitive man like you! LOL! It might be time to date one of her friends.

Anyway, here is what he looks like without any of the wigs! A lot more masculine!

He kind of looks like Brad Pitt from the Oceans films.  Not a bad face!  But I have way too many Blondes around here!  But there is one thing I am short on.

A little paint and now he is gray!

I don’t have many men with gray hair here so I was happy that I tried it.

I haven’t sealed it yet.  I wanted to give it a few days so that I could live with it and see what I thought.

What do you think!  I’m calling him Anderson Martin.


Thanks For Looking!


limbe dolls said...

I liked the wigs on Kiki and I like this Ken with gray hair!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Nice job on the hair color change. He would look even better with brown eyes, in my opinion. Mattel is stuck on the blonde/blue color combination.

I wonder if this Ken was designed or styled by the same pink-haired guy who designed the I Can Be President Barbie (Chris Benz). He is shown on the back of that doll's box with pink hair. Here's the URL to the image:

Here's the direct link to the picture.

Vanessa said...

I like his new gray hair. I think he should keep it.

Miss_Lola_77 said...

Seriously, what kind of guy changes his haircolor of all things for every date? They didn't even give him real hair wigs. Poor Ken. That said, I really do like him without his wigs. Though frankly it would have been kind of cool to see him bald.

Chynadoll said...

The gray is very nice :)

Allenoel said...

This is so cool! I like what you did with Kiki in your last post too.

Georgia Girl said...

I like him better with the gray hair.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls, dbg of BDE, Vanessa, Miss_Lola_77, Chynadoll, Allenoel and Georgia Girl!

limbe dolls, I really like Ken with the gray. It felt like a lot of what I did when I started blogging and playing with doll. I was back to my doll roots. I am thinking about the peom limbe now.

dbg of BDE, I looked on the back of his box but it doesn't say who designed him but you maybe right.
I have very few Ken dolls with brown eye so you are right about that too! The new Ryan has hazel eyes. Yes, they are stuck on the blonde hair blue eyes thing.

Vanessa, That's another vote for the gray!

Miss_Lola_77, We all know what kind of guy would change his hair for each date. The same type of guy you would take with you shoe shopping! I like him without the wigs better too. They are calling the without the wigs style the bald on the net.

Allenoel, Welcome to my blog! The gray hair does something for him if you ask me. KiKi had such fun with the wigs. She is still giggling about it!

Chynall and Georgia Girl, I have you down for as voting for the gray!

Sergio said...

Cool repaint! What kind of paint did you use?

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like this Ken with gray hair. You had a great idea. In my country there are no stores that Ken. I also am going to buy .. Keep in touch

Carrickters said...

I vote for the gray too - it suits him. I wondered where you got the wigs from for Kiki last time.

Tracy India said...

I'm in stitches! I can't stop laughing. If he is coming out of the closet, it's cool. I think I'm more concerned with him channeling Liberace! The wigs are crazy! there's an idea for a photo story, LOL.

I really like what you did with the gray hair. I think you just showed Mattel how it could have happened.

Oh, don't even get me started on the 2 1/2 outfit thing. Someone from the doll world had to tell me that's they way they're packaged. I thought for the longest people were shoplifting the other outfit. :/

Toni Lynch said...

The gray looks great! What kind of paint is that?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for commenting Sergio, Marta, Carrickters, Tracy and Toni Lynch!

Sergio and Toni Lynch, I used FolkArt paints 425 medium gray that I combined with 901 wicker white. I accented it with streeks of the medium gray.

Toni Lynch, Welcome to my blog!

Marta, Hi! I am sorry they don't sell him there. I want you to know that he is not artculated before you buy him. I will have to put him on a different body for stories. I hope he comes there soon.

Tracy, I expect to see a photo story using the wigs any minute now! I do thing Mattel missed the mark to make this kind of wigs for Barbie! This whole outfit thing is a mess! I do notice so many items missing now from Barbie toys that I know how you could think that way!