Friday, August 10, 2012

Out And About!

While I was out and about I notice these new Fashionista with dogs! Are dogs the new black? Here are photos of the Fashionista.




What do you think?

Thanks For Looking!


Mustiwait said...

I saw these dolls at walmart I of course love that they are articulted and the outfits but the price was more then I want to pay. The addition of the pets aren't worth the new price to me.

Tracy India said...

I have to keep reminding myself that the Fashionistas line are playline and directed at children, before I say something mean. :)

Ok, so I like Raquelle's outfit the best out of the lot and I think she looks really pretty. Of course, any articulation is a good thing, especially since we're dealing with Mattel. I am curious if another change was made to this particular body, torso joint, etc. But...the dogs, for me, look very cartoon like but I do think it's a cute idea for kids. Unless, having a dog added shot the price points up to $20 or more then I'm not sure.

Thanks for posting though. I had no idea Mattel was working on more Fashionistas.

Georgia Girl said...

Cute! I am trying my best to stay out of the stores. You guys are making it really hard for me. Lol! Thanks for sharing. I do enjoy hearing about the new dolls. : )

Sergio said...

I don't understand why Summer has always that face, she looks like a man with a wig and female clothes! Btw Nikki with bangs is cute

Brini said...

I saw the Barbie at Walmart last week and was wondering the same thing. I don't think I will be getting any of them.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Mustiwait, Tracy, Georgia Girl, Sergio and Brini. I guess articulation will be a hit or miss thing with Mattel from here on out!

Mustiwait and Tracy, I don't like the dog and don't think the addition of a dog makes the doll worth it! They could give the doll some wigs or a few outfits for that price.

Tracy, I didn't get a chance to see the body really well. I don't know if they made any changes. Yeah, I don't remember seeing any pictures from the Toy show this year! I don't know what new toys are coming out!

Georgia Girl, There are a few good things in the stores but nothing to die for. There are some new fashion packs for Barbie and Ken but nothing to die for. I really believe that there are better things to have on the web!

Sergio, Summer doesn't look as bad in person. Her head isn't as large as Raquelle's. I like Nikki with the bangs too!

Brini, They needed a more realistic dog like Beauty! Now that would sell!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I bought a Summer. She is very cute. Her dog is very fashionable too. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

I tend to stay away from those Fashionista sets with all the extras. That increased price is rarely ever worth it to me since I am usually just trying to get a cheap body. I have to admit, that Racquelle is calling my name, but I am not listening. I can not have 3 Racquelle dolls marching around Morristown.

Muff said...

I haven't been able to go to the stores in weeks so I haven't seen the Pet Fashionistas or the Fun Date Ken in your other posts.

I will probably get the Fun Date Ken (love how you changed his hair)just because I like the clothing, but I'm going to pass on the Pet Fashionistas. Those dogs are just... iffy looking. If they ever go on clearance, I'm sure I'll snap them up regardless.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Marta, Vanessa and Muff!

Marta, Until I saw Summer in the store, I thought Summer and Raquelle were the same doll with different hair colors. Summer has a different face and I like it. I look forward to seeing her in your blog! Keep in touch!

Vanessa, I know exactly what your mean. I now have two and it is enough. If some is selling the her outfit for cheap, I might buy it!

Muff, Clearance stickers make iffy dolls a must! I am glad you liked the change on FDK! His clothing is pretty nice.