Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My New Favorite Things!

I wanted to show you some new diorama items I recently purchased from thrift stores and flea markets and what I got from the International Black Doll Show and Sale!

So here we go… I told you I got the gardening set from the Black Doll Show.

My gardener will be Angelina!

Outfit and hat.

 I love the little tools!

Someone recently gave me some Barbie size tools too.

They are a little off scale wise but certain dolls aren't as picky as others!

Next I got this rug at my favorite thrift store.

Xia is our model today. She is dressed in a Miya inspired outfit. Doesn’t she look cute!
I was looking for something like this for someone especial! The rug will go to Chief Running Bear for his home.

Also going to his home is this desk! If you read dbg’s post of Black Doll Collecting on the International Black Doll Show and Sale, you will remember Linda Hayes saying she had a desk at the show. Yes, that right! The early bird gets the worm… or the desk! This is the desk she had for sale! I will give it a hit with some Old English and maybe add some feet to it before sending it to him.

I also purchased from Ms. Hayes is this Power Team guy. It’s funny, I was going to purchase this guy on the Dollpage but the seller already had a sale for him. So now I have him anyway. No name for him or anything yet.


I also from Ms. Hayes is Halle Berry! I immediately rebody her! She is on an AA Fashionista body. She had some pretty strange eyelashes too! So I gave them a trim. I do think she a beauty!  Sometimes she looks like Halle Berry and other times she looks like Nicole Ari Parker.  Haven’t figure a her name either but it will come.


I got these cassette holders from the dollar store.

The will make great chairs for my folks to sit in! When I read Vanessa’s post on Wedding Reception Crisis Averted, chairs were mentioned as a possible issue! I learned from her to pick up chairs when you see them.

I found this sofa which you have seen with Sydney
(Thrift store)
I got these!  This is my original.  It is a candle holder. They show up a lot at my favorite thrift store.  At first I paid then no attention.  Now I look in that section first!
This is my first one!

It had a piece like this in it.

I removed it.

Now I have two!

(Thrift store) I will do the same with these.

(Flea market) two more of these. I already had two

(Thrift store)

and two more of these also to add to my chair collection. Can you have too many chairs?

I purchased this picnic table for my park.

This table and three more came from Style In Scale. Thanks Jennifer! Words don’t do these tables justice! I plan to follow her direction on cleaning. I learned something in the process of purchasing the tables. It cost more to send something from Canada to the US than it cost to send from the US to Canada. That was something I didn’t know.

This table is from my favorite thrift store.

Some lamps from the dollar store. They had these in a few colors….I may need more.

I got an Etch A Sketch…

these, which reminds me of the game Connect Four

 and my extra Foosball table.

I also received some pizza  and breakfast from Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures!

Xia: Maybe just one slice?

I need to get another of these! Hey Van, What else  ya got?

A little something for Fiona!

I also got a few things for my wee ones!

A car and


Ok! I couldn't pass this up for 5.00!

Now my horses have a home!

Yes, it need some work... will I get to it....maybe!
Yes, I went a little hog wild for a minute!

I’ll show you more dolls later.

Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

Good grief! One great thing after another. Every time I fell in love with something, the next thing would top it. I love all the metal chairs. You can never have too many chairs. The little red car was too cute. But when I saw the stable, I nearly fainted. You know my horses are stableless at the moment. LOL! Very nice stable. Very nice everything! It's so funny, I finally deboxed my PowerTeam guy today. He's been waiting for a role for the past 5 or 6 months.

Frannie said...

What great finds! Love the gardening outfit!

limbe dolls said...

I love the gardening outfit. Since I know that you are a gardener that was a really great find for you. I kept hiding that Power Team guy behind all the others on the shelf at Big Lots during the Christmas season but someone else bought him before I could come up with the money to get him. Maybe I will find him on the secondhand market sometime. Congratulations on all the chairs and the stable!

Georgia Girl said...

Nice treasures! I like it all. I especially love the first set of chairs. I am with Vanessa, as I strolled down, I was like "ooh, this is nice and oh so is this". The stable was a great find and so is the picnic table.

Carrickters said...

What a fantastic haul. I was going to say the gardening tools were my favourite,and then the desk but I give up - they are all lovely. As far as the postage goes - I know if we send anything to the US from Australia that weighs over 500gr. we have to pay an extra $9 'security' surcharge and I imagine this would apply to items posted from other countries as well.

Chynadoll said...

Amazing finds! Love the stable.. I agree, when I saw one thing I liked, there were one, two then others lol
Nice haul

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your purchases. The set I really like gardening. Angelica will be a great gardener. She is very handsome in his uniform of gardener. The wooden desk is beautiful. I love Power Team because they are very masculine men. Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful dolls. The miniature games are very original. what envy! You bought a lot of nice furniture. Keep in touch.

Sergio said...

I like everything you found!! I'm jealous :)

Dollz4Moi said...

I thought I posted to this but darn my work connection..LOL

You did great with all your finds. I love that stable. This would be the 1 find that outdoes the rest for me.

I so wish they would sell the Power Team guys like they used to. They make awesome dates and husbands for my ladies and some gents too :O)

Muff said...

This is some great stuff, but that stable just tops the cake. It's so realistic and functional. I don't even have any horses but I would want that!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, Frannie, limbe dolls, Georgia Girl, Carrickters, Chynadoll, Marta, Sergio, Dollz4Moi, and Muff! My husband thinks I'm going to sell the stable! HA Ha! Who would pay that kind of shipping? I had a very big shopping cart while at the thrift store! I was fun to take all those pictures and post them too! I know you thought it would never end... but the money ends!

Vanessa and Chynadoll, The stable is by Bryer. It came with a lot of stuff originally. I am glad to have what I got! Here is a link to it.

This week I take the blow dryer to the stable to get ride of the foam pieces on it! I’m not sure how I will handle the paint. I can make a fence for it but for now I will play. I had just seen a stable on the net and was feeling some kinda-way about it! When I saw this, I had to have it even if I don't have the space!

Frannie and limbe dolls, The garden outfit is really me! One of my dolls had to have this set!

Vanessa, limbe dolls and Dollz4Moi, what is up with BL and the small Power Team toys? The 1/6 items is what really sells??? The small stuff has been there since Xmas! Kay Bee would always have some PT dolls or other 1/6 men. I miss them! Ladies, I just glad I was able to get him at all. limbe dolls, I sometimes hide stuff there too but folks like me go there looking for stuff that might be hidden too!
Vanessa and Georgia Girl, You are right, you can't have enough chairs.

Carrickters, Postage is a funny thing! I had one person tell me to mail a doll head in a large envelope and not a small so that her county's mail system couldn't lose it. That they lose small envelopes there? Wow!

Sergio, I couldn't wait to get it all home to play with it!

Marta, I purchase so much that I have no money now. I will have to wait a long time for my next purchase!

Muff and Dollz4Moi, My horses are very happy right now. I am going to work on a fence for them.

Tine said...

Love it love it LOVE IT!!!

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your great finds. Wow, wow, wow. Scroll down into even better stuff. Know you are having fun at home ;-D

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Tine and D7ana! I'm have fun play with all of these and seeing what I can do with it all.