Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Characters!

So I want to develop my stories and add some new
character to the town of Johnsonton. This is
military town and many of the occupants are
full-time and part-time military.

Etienne is Commander of the Air Force side of the
base. You met his right hand Matt Holmes but you
didn't meet his left hand. Captain Trina Trent. She
is his third in command. He request her here
personly when he was assigned this base.

Etienne says if there is any woman he would
wanted at his back in a war... it would be Trent.

Trent: This is what is known as a left handed

Etienne:She can shoot, great at hand to hand fight,
hold her liquor and is good with computers.
Etienne sucks at computers.

Tent and Holmes have a bit of a "friendly" rivalry.
Holmes: You hear that Trent, third...your third in

Trent: that is only because I'm a reservist now and
not active.

Trent: I can take you... right here, right now!

Can I hit her? I don't like hitting women but she's
not a woman.

Trent: Oh, now you're an expert on women just
because you got married! Right!

Etienne: we are supposed to be taking a picture!
Alright hold it both of you!

I might have to hurt the both of you!

Etienne: Jesus!
They use to get along well!


D7ana said...

Poor Etienne!

Maybe he should not compare the two, hmmm? Set the rivalry going ....

Georgia Girl said...

Lol! Etienne has his hands filled with these two. P.S. He is very handsome too!

Vanessa said...

Etienne is such a cutie pie. Poor Holmes. You can tell he has that Napoleon (short man) complex. Ask D7ana how to deal with that. I'm sure with all her short Joes, she should have some good advice for you.

Chynadoll said...

I think she could have taken him LOL.... Cant wait to see more!

Tracy India said...

LOL, poor Etienne. I love his face mold, totally cutie. You have some awesome action figures.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Tracy India, Chynadoll, Vanessa, Georgia Girl and D7ana!
Tracy, to be truthful, in the last two years I've spent my money on men. They make fewer and they are harder to find in thrift stores. I only purchased a Rees new at cost in 2011! All other women were sales and thrift stores.

Chynadoll, Trina is no joke! Etienne knows that if Matt doesn't. She didn't get where she is on a wish!

Vanessa, Hey he has a complex! I'll let you ask D7ana that one.

Georgia Girl, Etienne has his hands full but will not tolerate prombles for long! I sure there are some bathrooms that need cleaning.

D7ana, Etienne was caught off guard with this. They got along a little better before!