Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Beckers

Becker is one of the well known names in music. The
town of Johnsonton is luck to have two of them living

Cyrus isn't as well know to people outside of the
music business. He is more of a background guy. He
writes, arranges, and produces but what he enjoys the
most is teaching. That is why he moved to Johnsonton.
“To inspire new minds to music”.

His cousin Dupree is better known outside the music world.
He has recorded several CD’s and has a Grammy nomination.
He was given the nick-name Blues as a child. This name came
from his love of the blues and jazz but also the moodiness he
sometimes exhibited.

His moodiness can be a block to his music.
But he learned that spending time with family helps get him
out of his funk.

He decided to helps is cousin unpack the instruments
for the beginning of the school year. They mess around on
them too. The time they spend together inspires them both!

Hey, this is like grandma's piano!
Cyrus without uncle Leon sayin' "Babah canya
bring me a beer". Laughter!

Dupree: I wrote this last night!

Dupree: Ok, listen the this!

Cyrus: You need some strings man.

Cyrus: Alright, help me with the rest of these instruments.


limbe dolls said...

I like the way the lighting shows the sombre side of "Blues" Becker's character. Very interesting fellows!

Chynadoll said...

Love it! The guys look good. They are ready for a jam session.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls and Chynadoll!
Limbe, I've had Blues for a long time but couldn't put into words what I felt about him. It came to me the other day. He is a little sombre but he seemed OK when I had him with others. I have something special planned for him if it works.

Chynadolls, They play off of each other well!

Niel Camhalla said...

Those are cool props and interesting dolls. One looks really happy, it actually made me smile.

I specially like the drum set. I'm waiting for the ones in the store to be on sale. hahaha.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Niel Camhalla. I have a Barbie drum set but it is not as cool. It is soo pink! I got the Liv drum set on sale and ran out of the store squealing! I hope you get yours on sale too.

Yeah, that Cyrus is a pretty happy guy. Nothing seems to get him down. He brings balance to Blues! Hmm...I like the way that sounds.

Tracy India said...

How did I miss this post? I've gotta get with it! LOL.

You really have some unique male figures, I love it. I'm getting a Marsalis Brothers vibe here. Love the piano and drum set, very cool.