Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When The Music Stopped ,This Is What I Had!-Update!

OK, you know they say everything you needed to know
you learned in kindergarten. Well I think that is true!
When I was a child, there were three popular games.
One, two, three red light, hide and go seek and musical
chairs! These games really got everyone going!
So I play some musical chairs today... or should I say musical bodies!
Here are our candidates

Barbie Basics #15

And of course we add....
Fashionista Ken brunette. You guessed that.

What you didn't expect is....Finally we add Liv Jake

And we start the music. Insert your favorite song
What we end up with is

Jake's head on Barbie Basic #15, #15 head
on Fashionista Ken and Fashionista's head on Jake!

What do you think?

Update!--As requested.

I hope this pictures gives you a better look!

I asked KiKi to step in for scale! She wanted to
show off her new dress!

KiKi: Honey your head is soo big it's gotta hurt!

You head even blocks out the light. See
how dark these photos are.

Fashionista Ken and re-bodied Barbie Basic#15.
The little bit of neck on the fashionista's head
make him taller.

Original Fashionista and rebodied and re-styled
Fashionista. There is about an inch difference.
So he will be the little brother.


Tracy India said...

Wow, awesome trades. It looks like the Fashionistas Ken fits perfectly on LIVE Jake's body and Basic #15 fits pretty good on the Fashionistas body. Jake looks, It's not the body just the head size.

I would definitely use this as a reference in the future for Fashionistas Ken & Basic #15. :)

Vanessa said...

I think you need to throw a woman in that picture so we can see what's really goin' on. Wow, Jake looks huge now, but I like it. It's a little hard to see #15. I would like to see a closeup of him. Didn't mean to create work for you. I will completely understand if your ignore me.

Chynadoll said...

Wow! Never thought to swap out those heads in that combo! Looks good though.

Ms. Leo said...

OK Vanessa, I added a few pictures just for you!
Tracy India and Chynadoll, I really like the way that the Basic #15 looks on the fashionista body. The fashionista head on the Jake's body is pretty good too, but Jake's head looks strange on its' original body and more so on the Basic body! I don't think anyone would want that doll but who knows!