Friday, August 12, 2011

WalMart is Finally Putting Liv Items On Sale!

Can You Believe It!
Almost two months after Target's Sale, WalMart
is finally putting Liv Playsets and clothing on sale.

Clothing- This set and others on sale for $5.00 and
coats are also on sale for $3.00

Playsets too! Playset $7.00.
Dolls are still not on sale but we can hope!


Vanessa said...

Walmart used to be the King of great doll sales. I just don't know what has happened to them over the past several years. My local Walmart just reduced their Basic Jean dolls from $21.99 to $19.99. Hey Walmart, that's not a sale. That is the price they should have been to start with. I can say that I picked up some nice LIV stuff last year from a sale at Walmart.

Ms. Leo said...

I hear ya Vanessa, no real saes at Walmart. I think they have made some major changes in the past two year. I guess everyone did to stay in business but they are not the same. My local Walmarts do carry the Barbie Basics at all! The carry many of the others but not the Basics and a limited number of S.I.S. I heard the clerk saying that store are moving things that don't see fast now. Store Manag. have a lot more input into what is in the store and what goes on sale.