Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing ...Brice Lee

Introducing Brice.
This is Brice Lee. He is my new Asian male that I got as
a swap! I am lovin’ the swaps.

He is a Joe!

About Brice:
He is new to town. He just started at the museum as the
lighting specialist. He is also a military reservist. He
moved to town for the job and to not have to travel so
long to a base for his reserve weekends. He is very
organized in what he does!

He is trying out the salon Hairatage. This is where Bling
works along with her friend Michael.

She is outside sitting on her car passing the time
before her shift starts.

She sees Brice head for the salon.

She texts Michael to get the 411 on him. Michael does most
of the male haircuts. Bling know Michael will work on him.

She can always count on Michael for help. That is part
of the reason she moved her.

In a small town a girl can't afford to be slow.


limbe dolls said...

I see sparks!

Niel Camhalla said...

I like the name Brice. I haven't seen it spelled that way. :)

He looks good. He reminds me of an actor but I can't remember the name.

Vanessa said...

Brice is nice! Nice body, too.

Chynadoll said...

mmm, something is def brewing over here lol. That is a good name for him. It fits him. They look good together. Love Bling's pose on her car LOL

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Chynadoll. Bling just love that car. Every place in town is walkable but she will drive to the corner! She thinks Brice is hot, not as hot as her car but hot!

Thanks Vanessa. I am glad I traded for him! I mailed out my part of the trade, original Julia body 15 min. after the deal was set. I couldn't wait for him to arrive. I knew I wanted Bling too but I put a rush on her! I am just going where these two dolls take me.

Thanks Niel Camhalla. I've seen two spellings for the name but I like this one. He is really cute! He looked good is his posted pic when I first saw him but he looks better in person. Strong, honorable,determined.

Thanks limbe dolls. I think I see them too!

william said...

These guys look adorable together! I love asian dolls.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks william. They really do but there is a personality clash. A free spirited girl and a down to earth guy. What will happen!