Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wee Ones!

Mattel Children!
Volume 1

Mattel has be done children dolls to accompany their
adult dolls for a while. Some are more known and popular
like Skipper. Others are not like the Heart family children.
On this post I'd like to show you my latest purchase!
The Arrival!

Warning ...Nude Dolly Pictures

I purchased her nude for $2.00. It didn't bother me at
first that she didn't have clothing. Liked her face! It is
different from the old Kelly face. It was wider and a little
cheekier! Mattel did a real wide face Kelly
( the lemon heads) a while back but she is not one of those.
My mystery doll!

She has "Shirley Temple curls"! That is what we
called them when I was a little girl. They are called spiral
curls now. Yeah, I'm dating myself! The front curls
were passable but the back.....I believe is what in the
hairdressing world is referred to as
a hot mess!

So I guess I'm going to have to work on her hair!

When I looked at her on the web, I thought she was
SIS child size. Her legs were longer than the old Kelly
body. To my surprise, out of the package, she was shorter
than SIS children.

Here she is beside Zahara. Still she didn't look the size of
the xxx Kelly... she is not. She is a little taller than the
2004 Kelly.

Kelly 2004, Miss Mystery and Zahara!
I searched the Internet for a picture of her but without a
name, buyer had her listed as just Kelly, info is hard to find.
I came across a great website on Kelly dolls I like to share
with you! The name of the site is Lil Friends of Kelly.
It has great info on Kelly dolls. The Administrator wanted
me to tell you that she is still working on some things on the
site. Also, she may not have time to answer a lot of
inquires right away too. But be patient while she gets things
up to speed.

I found out that this doll is part of the "I Can Be... "
Professions Bunch-Career 4-Pack. This pack included
Kelly/Shelly, Tommy, Kayla, Miranda. It came out in 2008.
These dolls have what is know to collectors as the "smug
face". Their legs are longer than the previous Kellys' and
I think they are the precursors to the the Shelby and SIS
we are seeing now. The "I Can Be..." doll are referred to as
Kelly/Shelly. See what I mean...Shelly-Shelby. The
administrator of the Lil Friends of Kelly site believes that
she is Miranda. The Tommy and Shelly stayed the same
the Miranda and Kayla dolls changed depending on the set.
So know we know who she is!

I can be Professions bunch!

So, I still didn't have clothing for her! I could borough
something from another doll but I hate to have less
clothing than dolls. That is when I realised that I
hadn't seen Kelly clothing for sale in stores for years!
There use to be clothing set for her or a big sister little
sister pack. There really hasn't been the full range of
Barbie fashions since Fashion Avenue! I really miss
that degree of fashion option for my dolls! I remembered
a post from Van's Doll Treasures on a
dress. So I pick up a dress at the craft store. There
weren't shoe but at least I had a dress.
Once she is restyled and dressed I will post her


Tracy India said...

I have the first one you show, named her Sadie. She's Marley & Jody's daughter. Isn't she the cutest? I bought her nude too on ebay for .99cents. I totally want an S.I.S. doll but haven't purchased on yet. Great selection!

Vanessa said...

Cute dress! I haven't been able to find any lately in the scrapbooking section. Good luck with that hair. You may need some heat!

By the way, I have 5 of those size dolls. In the Anderson family, the daughter Ciana (kee-ana), and Ming from the Lee Family are two that have been introduced. The little boy I have (looks very different than lil' Tommy), is in the Santa Pic video. He's wearing a teal shirt. He is one of my favorites. He has the best expression. I think there were at least 3 different sets. So 4 of my came in one of the other sets.

areiasdejade said...

I love dolls, very good you blog, wonderful!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, Tracy and areiasdejade. There are always new and old dolls to learn about.

Dollz4Moi said...

I have this girl. They also came boxed as singles wearing different outfits. They came into play right after the 5 pack girls. I have to post some pics of my Kelly dolls. I have way too many kids :O)