Monday, February 28, 2011

My Sewing Project

My Sewing Project

If you follow my blog, you will remember that I brought this
bench and another one from a thrift store a while back. I had
not got around to doing anything to them. They were
going to be park benches but I found benches that I like
better for that. So what to I do with these?

Now that I am back on my doll budget, I am back to working
with some of the things that I have. I took a suggestion made
a friend about the benches. I am making them sofas in a county
style home.


So this was my sewing project and photo shoot for
the weekend. I made the cushion and set up this
room for a shoot.

"Waiting For Tea Time" is what I call it.

A little country living room where two friends can have
tea! (Yeah I could have pressed the rug! Oh well!)

I used some old pieces that I haven't used in a while to add
some little touches.

I made the cushion from fabric I had. I have two bags of
fabric waiting for projects. I have to be in the mood for
sewing. My budget will now have to get me in the mood!

Oh and don't worry, you guys that make sofas. Ms Leo
will not be competing with you. Your save!
I got this tea set last year at the Flower Show.

I found these glass bottles at a thrift store. I found the clock
and the vase there too. The antique stove is a Avon perfume
bottle I found at a thrift store the same day. It was a
really good shopping day!

This plate ( so cute), flower pot( thimbles really) and the
tables came from a Dollar Store. You can't beat the
Dollar Store!

Rug is a place mat. I will need to work on my art and
hanging the art. By the way it is hanging, it looks like
something was in the tea. I really need to up my game on
how I do that. I should put pictures on core board.
I like the way the room came out. I have to
see what other things I can do now.


Alrunia said...

Omg this dio is beautiful! The cushions and the colours are soooo adorable, terrific work Ms Leo :D

Dollz4Moi said...

Nice cushions. It's funny what a budget will make you do..LOL. That's why I'm going through all my stuff trying to stay true to my $$ constraints. It does make you look at what you really love/like.

Beautiful scene :O)

Vanessa said...

Very cute room. I think I will send my grandparent dolls to you so they can use the room for a scene I would like to shoot. Would defintely save me some time! Love the tea set, but then again I am a tea set addict.

Frannie said...

Just love the room! It came out beautiful!

Niel Camhalla said...

"Now that I am back on my doll budget, I am back to working with some of the things that I have."

I always say, the more I let myself buy, the less I make myself creative.

smidge girl said...

Yay! This is great! :) I'm struggling to stay on a budget too these days, so I get what you're going through! Trying to use what's in my stash, instead of creating a whole new stash every time I go shopping, lol. And you know I love the dollar store! That stove is too cool! What a great find!

Ms. Leo said...

Wow! I got some great comments on this post. Thank you all!

Thanks Fannie. You do such great rooms. It is a real complement coming from you.

Thank, Alrunia, I hope one day to make things as nice as the things you and Niel make for my dolls to wear.

Dollz4Moi, I too have been looking through my doll stuff. I am deciding what to keep, what to sell (this money can go into the budget) and what just needs to be donated in hopes it will inspire someone else. Sometimes more space is inspiring! Thanks for your comment.

Niel, you are sooo right! My true creativity appears with I am constrained. That is when I really think out of the box. Even when getting dressed, it is the times when you force yourself to find an outfit in your closet that you come up with a really great look. Thanks for your comment.

smidge girl, that is exactly what I’ve been doing is creating a whole new stash every time I go shopping. I’m not growing as a collector or blogger when I do that. The blog is to share and inspirer. You never seem to get to a project unless you have to. Some of by best ideas come from the creativity of others. That benefit needs to be paid back with my own creativity, no matter how meager it may be. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks Vanessa for your comment. Maybe I can make it guest accommodations so that your dolls can come and stay. If memory serves me correctly, you raffled a tea set a year ago. I’m waiting for the next raffle!:) Thanks for your comment.

You guys seem to keep your energy up and turn out projects. Besides the budget, what is your motivation?

Kory Okno said...

I like what you did with the bench, or the sofa. Very nice.
My motivation comes from knowing I have fantastic models (dolls) to work with that don't b-tch about working long work hours. But knowing I'll get a great photo is the best inspiration.

Tracy India said...

I don't know how I missed this post but, VERY pretty room! It looks so cozy and darling, great job on the sewing! Hope to see more.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Kory Okno. My doll are also a source of motivation. I still need to work on my picture taking.

Thanks Tracy India. The room feel cozy. I need to do better on my sewing. I guess the more I do it the better I will get.