Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disney's Kayla

Popping Up For Some Rays
and A Rare Snack!

Tropical Splash Kayla from Little Mermaid!

She loves the ocean but there are somethings you can only
get on pizza!

It is never hot once you take it to the bottom of the sea
and it doesn't taste the same either! No one wants to

For a long time Kayla didn't want to come up
from the ocean. She liked her home.

Also the whole tale thing made it kinda hard too.

It is not easy to stand on.

Info on Kayla
Mattel and Disney did three Tropical Splash girl dolls
other than Ariel and one boy doll, Eric, in the
Little Mermaid line in 1998.
The web says that this is one(Kayla) of the
rarest Disney dolls out

Arista (Ariel's sister), Attina, Kayla

Now that she is on a Teen Skipper Body, Kayla plans
to enjoy more pizza, other on land snacks and do some
shopping! She has alot of clams to spend and know where
to find more.

I have a Kayla head to sell or swap, if anyone is interested!


Paulette said...

Dear Ms. Leo,
I had no idea that Disney had made a black mermaid doll. Personally I think of Ariel as "passant blanc" -- a person of mixed heritage trying to marry "up" like the free women of color in Louisiana who sought placage unions with white men. I just hope she remembers her people and doesn't become a "fish eater" in her "happily ever after human life. I think pizza is a safer bet for Kayla. Love the backstory!

Ms. Leo said...

I never looked at Ariel that way before...hmm. I like Kayla face she sorta have an anime look to her! Like Momoko but with a smile. She is very friendly.

Sango said...


This is a long shot but I was wondering if you would still have this Kayla head for sale? :)

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Sango and welcome to my blog! I'm sorry but I sold that head about a year ago! If I find another, I will contact you.

Sango said...

Thank you! You are very kind. :D