Thursday, August 12, 2010

S.I.S. Julian

Julian-Little S.I.S Friend

I wasn't sure I like this doll when I first saw him
but he was the only young male in the line so I
knew he would find his way into my collection.
He was hard to come by. I had seen him on line but
never in the stores. While in Target what did I see...
Yup! Julian He was the only one there. This means
if you want to think about it and come back....he won't
be there. So I bought him when I saw him. ( I have
learned my lesson.)
One of the reason I was unsure about him was the
body. His face is the Tommy face but this in a new body.
Mattel has been play around with the faces and the bodies of
the Kelly size dolls. A few years ago they had a really wide face.
and now it time to play around with the body I guess. The longer/shorter
leg and torso and bigger head thing doesn't work for me. Belly bottom waist,
segmented arms and legs....hit! The rest...miss.

He is not the size of Tommy or the size of Todd. ( the next size
doll up) This means clothes are an issue. Especially if you don't
like what he is wearing. I was not feeling his shirt!
I didn't like the colors. I will do something about it but I'm
not quite sure what. White is always the
best first try.

So here are the pictures and comparisons.


"The fellas!" Tommy, Olmec, Ryan, Julian

Fellas plus Todd. You can obviously see his arms
and legs are longer than the Tommy/Ryan and Olmec dolls.
He is too small for Todd clothes.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations on finding Julian. Boys (although often not popular initially) soon gain popularity and sometimes become difficult to find. You were smart to pick Julian up when you saw him in the store since he is already pretty elusive. I've only seen one in the store at a time and I grabbed it, even though I already had two that I ordered online.

The comparison shots are very informative. Julian towers over the Tommy-size dolls and Todd towers over him. Redressing will pose a problem.

Thanks for sharing!


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks BDE, I hope they come up with more clothes for him.