Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing Aya


I have never like the Barbie fairies to much. I thought that those dolls were really for children but this one fairy got my attention. I had been looking at her for quite some time. I didn't like the body. Strange looking feet that were not good for shoes. The legs were too long and the body too short. Oh and can I tell you... I hate molded on clothes! It is like I am not given a choice as to what the doll can wear. That is the biggest part of the fun of any doll is what it can wear. Yet I always looked at her every time I came to the store to by something else.
Well I broke down and bought her! Yes I still didn't like the body
but I though I could put her on a new body. My first choice was
because I thought her neck opening was too small for a full grown
size body but I was wrong. Then I was going to put the head on a
belly button body. I knew I had a few the right complexion. But
something said that she needed to go on the Artsybody.
I had one handy. So now meet Aya! (Ahya)

Aya has a beautiful face and the heart tattoo on her cheek... it is
the cutest thing! So who is Aya?
What is the personality that she has?
Well... she is an Army brat that has live in LA, London,
Tokyo and NY. That has influenced her fashion style.
She is a little Hip Hop, Anime, Mod, and Sweet. She is not
afraid of color and is having fun with it. She loves thrift
shops and couture!

Aya in Artsy outfit! Kinda funky and

I love her tattoo!

A crown for a queen!

She loves shoes too! I don't like these boots but
she does!

Aya in one of her Anime out fits. She fell in love with
this style while living in Tokyo.
Some people don't get her.

Aya love Alisha Keys and loves her style!
She adds hip hop into her fashion mix.

Hip Hop Aya.
She saw this bag and had to have it!

She has her Kangol.


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