Thursday, August 19, 2010

DNN Situation Room With Gulf Blitzer --

DNN Situation Room
With Gulf Blitzer-
Interview With the Obamas

Gulf: This is Gulf Blitzer and your in the Situation Room.
Earlier today I have an interview with the President and his
wife about life at the White House.

President Obama and Michelle: Thank you
for having us on your program.

How has live changed for you now that you are in
the White House.

President Obama: I use to be able to take a long walk
by myself to clear my head.

Gulf: You can still walk can't you?

President Obam: Not without
Secret Service agents with me.

President Obama: Agents Woo and Dallas are
great but it is not the same as by myself.

They come with me when I go for a walk and
they are with me when I go for a swim on the beach.

Gulf: What about you Mrs. Obama?
Do these agent have to be everywhere
you are too?

Michelle Obama: I have my own detail
of Secret Service agents most of the time.
Just not today because we are together.

Woo: Keep alert! Watch out for the camera man.

Leon: This is really great footage on
the President. I hope I get to speak to him


Ebony Nicole, said...

LOLOLOLOL this is so funny and cute!

D7ana said...

I missed this one! Love the Harley Ken Secret Service guy. Love the brick wall scene.

Thanks for your photo story ;-D

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Ebony Nicole and D7ana! I'm a big fan of CNN and watching the show I got the idea. My pairing of Dallas and Woo, I borrowed the idea from what I learned in a English Lit. class where we talked about sidekicks. Once you get an use it.