Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Away To Re-enerigize!

My Latest Purchase! Updated!!

This is my most recent purchase. Ta da! President Obama. Yes! I always call him President Obama. I bought him from Monkey Depot. He came in the mail a few days ago. He came nude...that was a surprise... no strategically place tissue...no nothing! Just open the box and bam! OK! He did have these plastic thigh enhancer! Plastic piece that made the thighs look bigger. What's that about???? (not even worth a photo) The complexion is a little off but I really like the action figure.

While I am trying to figure out what I have that I would want him to wear, you know presidential, I took these shots. I call it ... Getting Away To Re-energize! It looks like one of the shot I saw in the news on his past trips to Hawaii.

The expression on his face says that it is not a really get away.

He is still thinking about things. I think Julia looks like Michelle Obama. She might have to make an appearance. Wow...now I'm really going to have to think. The First Lady's clothing is very important!
Secret Service Agents Woo and Dallas.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

He looks great. I ordered one last week and received a shipping notice Monday. I'm glad you're pleased.


Alison in CA said...

I think he's absolutely fantastic. I have been trying not to look, and your photoshoot is really not helping, LOL! Wonderful!!

Ebony Nicole, said...

I love the Secret Service Agents!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, BDE. He will be a great addition to your collection.

Thanks, Alison in CA. I think he is one of my best purchases. I never thought I would own one. The other figures were so high.

Arisa said...

He's a very good likeness! The face is pretty stern though.
I know what you mean about the weird thigh cond- um.. things. they're baffling to be sure. I have no clue what's the purpose of them, lol :P

Vanessa said...

I must save my pennies. I really need to get that doll. I can't be a serious AA doll collector and not have the first AA President action figure! That would be scandalous.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks,Arisa I hope to do more post with him.

Vanessa, When I saw him I had to have him! I like this version better than the other. I thought I got a good price too. Check around!
Also, you have answered a question for me. I didn't know how far back you could go to post. I am glad you are reading my older post!