Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Mid Air!

In Mid Air

Since she is so poseable I decide to take a shot of her in mid air. He she is jumping. It is the type of shot that they get the models to do on America's Next Top Model in their photo shots. Thinking of how to do this was fun. I never really try creative picture taking. I have her posed with the aid of nylon thread. I only wished I new how to remove the shadow of the thread. I tried a black background the next time but you can still see the thread. I don't have a tripod and now I can see the benefit of having one. I was hard to hold the string and take the picture too! Please pardon is the shots are sharp enough.

Oh! Although I really like the name Seleena for her. She is telling me that she is a Deena. What do you think?


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Very clever. Until I read your blog, I actually thought she was lying down and posed as though she were in mid air.

Gail is a nice, "old school" name. Maybe that can be her middle name: Saleena Gail.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks BDE, I have seen other do some really great thing with photoshop and other programs. Still others have staged things to get great shots. I hope to be able to do things like that one day.