Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Guy And A New Beast

A New Beast! He is very cute!

The new Beast doll showed up and Toys R Us. He
is the third release of a beast doll. The first Beast was
in 1991.

The second was in 2005. He was called Royal Style
Beast. I guess he was an upscale beast( a lot like some
of the guys I use to date :) .
I wanted to get one but for some reason
I never did. It had the same face mold
but a different paint of the features.
The eyes did have the same cartoon look to them.
The hair color was a brown/red.
The beast costume was a little different too. There was no
beast pants and the hair of the beast was straight.
I guess the beast got a relaxer.

This doll looks very differnt from the old Beast Doll.
He has painted on hair that is a red and not a blonde.

He has a more royal and distant look to his face.
He is not the smiling beast of the past.The beast
costume is different too! The older costume
had beast head and jacket tha was furry with furry
feet and tail pants. This doll only has a beast head and

He doesn't have the backward facing
arms that a lot of collectors don't seem
to like. His are is jointed. But.....
his legs don't bend...Ug!


D7ana said...

Wow! He's got a different face altogether, Ms. Leo. Great find. Red hair is different, too.

Thanks for sharing this news.

smidge girl said...

"I guess he was an upscale beast( a lot like some of the guys I use to date :) "

You always crack me up, lol!

I like this guy's expression-- I get tired of super smiley guys, this one looks really thoughtful. I like the Beast costume he came with too-- it looks more like the Beast from the movie than the other one did.

Sigh. But, why, oh why, do they have to make half articulated bodies!?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, D7ana and smidge girl. He is very cute. I only wish that Mattel would let you know on the box before you buy it that the legs don't bend, that the arm is stuck in a bended arm position, that the legs are cloth or that the feet are too big for shoes. Sometimes if feels like false advertising.