Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Antique Adventures! Antique Store Finds! Items from the bag

Antique Adventures!
Items from the bag!

You never know where you will find doll items. I went into an antique store just to have a look around. The owner watched me as I walked around. I stopped in front of a shelf he had with Barbies on it.
He said "they are antiques". I held back my chuckle. He had a Ken as Redd Butler, Audrey Hepburn Barbie, and a two 80's Christmas Barbies. Not exactly antiques. Collectiable yes antiques... I don't thinks so but I just said "Oooh." He said "I give you a real good price for them. " "Oh no, I was just thinking about getting some doll things for my niece to play with. I would let her play with antiques". I'm stil holding back the chuckle.

Alright, so I use my niece as an excuse when I am shopping for doll stuff. Older people who buy barbies are thought of as strange or collectors. People expect collectors to pay more for stuff. I'm a girl that likes a bargin. Oh by the niece is now 23 but no one asks how old she is.

He said "I have a bag of barbie clothes I sell to you for $5.00." Now that is interesting. "Let see the bag." I took a few items out and could see from them it was worth the five dollars. I am trying to look calm. I said " wellllll, Ok!

When I got the bag home there were some really nice items in the bag. At the bottom of the bag there were a few things with stains (that I am hoping to get out), shoes, some with matches some without and a Barbie curling iron. All in all, not a bad haul.
I will photograph the items and post them.
Here is one of the gowns. There were a few gowns in the bag.
My rebodied Nichelle on the Barbie Basics # 10 body will serve as our model.

Gown one!

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