Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fashionista Ken #3 Styling Stripes! Hispanic Ken?

Hey Gang,

When I first saw Fashionista Ken #3, Stylin Stripes, I wasn't
very impressed. I saw the stock photo and wondered why
Would anyone purchase him?

The close didn't seem like much and I have seen better versions
of the Ryan headsculpt. In case you were not aware, Ryan was the beginning of the Fashionista Ken dolls not being fully
articulated. He had articulated arms but not legs!

Close up!

It was down hill for Fashionistas from there!
I have purchased two Ryan's. That one and this one.

The first one I sold. This one kept. There is something sad in the look of Ryan..... oh I'm getting off topic!

I saw Fashionista #3 on Facebook. They are calling him Derek?
And he doesn't look like the stock photo!!

Besides calling him Derek, the are calling him hipster and they are calling him Hispanic!
Comparison photos I was sent by Donald Michael Marshall.
Thanks Donald!

Mattel never said anything about a Hispanic Ken! Does this make him the first Hispanic Ken and will Hispanic Ken be call Derek from here on?

Now guess what I saw when I went to Walmart for some potting s.... you guessed it! Fashionista Ken #3! He was the only #3 they had too!

Close up!
I was surprised to find out that he is darker than the new AA Fashionista Ken!
I was able to rebodying the AA Fashionista Ken on to
a White Fashionista body. It won't work for this guy!
 I will need to find something special for him!

So now that I got him, should we have a fashion show?

Next time!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


april_n_paris said...

You know, I really don't like that Ken has molded hair. I much prefer the rooted hair. That said, with the black hair and the glasses, Derek resembles Clark Kent! He's not bad and he does look a bit different, but I do wish the hair was real and that he was articulated as well.

Ollie's Dollies said...

I hope more of these newer dolls start showing up in Walmart soon, especially the new AA Male Fashionista. I was lucky enough to get one from Walmart as well.

Jewell said...

Just saw this guy today when I popped into Walmart. My store only had one, too. What's up with that? He definitely has a distinctive look about him. I love his complexion but hate his molded hair. I'm glad you snatched him up.

Georgia Girl said...

I saw just one as well when I visited Walmart on yesterday. Hmmm, is Mattel telling us something? Is it one per container? I didn't get him, but I love his glasses. I probably would have gotten him had I known that he was Hispanic.

Vanessa said...

He's nice! I even like the molded hair on him. I haven't bought a male fashionista since they stopped articulating them. I won't be buying this one either, but it's nice to see some variety.

Jaye Frye said...

Yes, we should have a fashion show.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April, Ollie's Dollies, Jewell, Geogia Girl, Vanessa and Jaye!

April, I like real hair but it is nice to have a few guys that you don't have to worry about their hair too!

Ollie's Dollies, Welcome to my blog! I saw your doll on your blog! Nice! I love what you did to him too! I too am waiting for the 2017 fashionista guys!

Jewell, He is really growing on me now! I did rebody him. The girls are swooning!

Geogia Girl, I do think there is only one per carton and he is just starting to be added to the carton. You know Mattel does that one per carton thing!
I just saw the first Emoji Fun doll in the store ever! Only one!

Vanessa, We need a campaign to make articulation mandatory!

Jaye, I will see what I can do for you! :)

Carrickters said...

I'm not a fan of the moulded hair or the lack of articulation but this guy looks interesting - and he has glasses. That's always a plus. And yes, I think we should have a fashion show.