Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fugal Finds

Hey Gang!

It is that time of year again! The time when you can find Christmas ornaments 
and other items you can use for your dolls. Here is what I have found thus far. 

At Walmart --

I mention to you guys before that Walmart has these snow backgrounds that they
use for their Christmas displays.  At close to the end of the season, when they 
consolidate their shelves, they will trash them in making more space for the 
new seasons items.
If you make friends with the floor manager and as them to save them for you,
you can have them to use for your dolls like me!
It makes a great scene for doll photos.
 Loraine in the snow!
Christmas ornaments!
The lamp is out again!  This time it is in gold!  Please pardon my pictures taken
with my table.  The camera is not as good as my digital but it is more convenient!
The gold glare the image!
This deer head may not look like a diorama item to you but I can see myself
using it in a rustic scene--repainted of course!
In silver...
and in gold
This drum is a nice size!

This window is small but I think it still can be used!

I found this at Dunkin Donuts!

Now this was a surprise! Doll size Christmas sweaters. 

 There were only two in this store. None of the other
stores in the area had them. They both had the same
design. They are closer to Skipper/Stacie size than Barbie.
The sweater is 5.99! So, not so frugal but it probably will
go on sale after Christmas!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


simsgrl said...

Oh I hope I can make friends with the Walmart people :-) would love to have the scenery. I walked the aisle for Christmas ormaments and notice the door especially. Wondered how it would fit in .

The grandmommy said...

Nice stuff! I havent seen any good stuff I dont already have but believe me I will keep looking out!

Georgia Girl said...

Cool finds!! I especially love the lamp! The sweaters are adorable as well. I normally go through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts, so I never would have seen the sweaters. Thanks for sharing!

april_n_paris said...

I've been looking out to see if there were any interesting items at the local Dollar stores. But so far, no luck. But I will definitely check out Walmart.

D7ana said...

Fun finds! Thanks for sharing ... my favorite is the backdrop. Very clever of you to make the diorama connection for that ;-)

Ms. Leo said...

D7ana, If you do nothing else, get yourself one of those backdrops!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments simsgrl, The grandmommy, Georgia Girl, April and D7ana! Sorry there was a little problem in posting this comment.

simsgrl, The backdrop is worth having!

grandmommy, I'm see more and more stuff each day! So keep an eye out!

Georgia Girl, Your DD must be better than mine. The drive thru takes too long. Cars backed out into the street! It is easier to go inside!

April, Yeah, not too much at the Dollar store. There are a few things. You have to keep an open mind!