Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Busy And Colorful Weekend.

Hey Gang!

So I had a busy and colorful weekend!  In noticing the leaves, I knew I
wanted leave to use for future  diorama posts but could find what I wanted!
I notice a post on facebook with great leaves.  I asked where she go them and
she told me she made them from silk ivy leaves she found.  She painted them!
So now I was on the hunt for ivy or other leaves that I could paint.

Let me tell you, there are a lot of huge leave out there but finding Barbie
size leaves is hard!  After searching high and low ( mostly low because
I'm cheap!) I found these at a craft store for $2.50 that were the right size
but they were orange! (Halloween decorations)  I knew I would have to
paint them to get what I wanted.  It is a little over three feet of stringed leaves.
I cut them off the string! The were maple shaped.
Which is what I think of when I think of fall in the northeast!
Some were flat but some had bends in them!  I thought the bends would work
too! It gave them interest!
I started off paint some brown!  It took two coats on both sides!

In between coats, I painted this fashionista to be my college age Ryan!  I got the 
idea for him from a post I saw on My Froggy Stuff!

 You can't have enough redheads!
This head wasn't selling so, I might as well keep it and paint it!

Dressed, he looks kinda good!
 I gave him highlights!
Ryan: Has anyone seen a cell phone lying around here?
 Not  my best paint job but not too bad for a first attempt! The paint needs to
be sealed.

OK, back to the leaves!

So I need other colors than brown and orange! Brown and oranges were not 
enough!  I needed colors like yellow, green and red!
More leaves!
I added some details to the leaves to make them seem more natural! Adding bits
of orange to my brown leaves and ...
lighter green to my dark green leaves.  As I added them then I notice my green
leaves were kinda dark!  They might not show up as much on a green grass
background or a brown dirt background!
I needed some light green leaves also!  And maybe some peach color leave for 
I added detail to them too.  I might not show up in a diorama photo but I will
know it is there!

While they dried I got this guy ready to go!
I have just sold him.  He is an extra Li Shang I got with a lot I purchased
a few years back.
I bought a newer version that has sculpted hair so he really need to find a
new home!
Li Shang:  I'm here now and I take over!
Side by side! Note the difference in complexion!
Both are Disney Store dolls!
Li Shang: OK, good bye!
Leaving the scene!

A have a few horse with those large doll like eyes! I thought if I painted them right.
they would not be so annoying!
I started that while waiting.
Horse: I can't see, I can't see!
Ms. Leo: I have to let that coat dry before you can see!
Horse with annoying eyes! and maybe mouth too....

Back to the leaves!

The finished product!
I'm happy with how they turned out.  I will store
them in layers with tissue in between so that they don't 
stick together.  That might happen is stored in a clump.

I will make more but this is enough for now!

Ryan: WOW! It is fall already!

OK, Thanks for Looking!


Jaye Frye said...

The leaves and Ryan's hair and beard look good. Very nice.

The grandmommy said...

The leaves came out wonderful! I like the old Li Shang. He has better facial lines I think. Yeah, I agree about the horses. I have a few that probably need a little repaint!The red hair and beard look great too!

Muff said...

A time consuming project but it looks well worth it. They turned out so pretty.

Phyllis said...

Your leaves turned out great! The process must have been very time consuming. I loved that you completed other projects while waiting for each step to dry. I too like the old Li Shang better. I like that his head is not as large and that he has rooted hair.

Farrah Lily said...

Wow, those leaves look amazing!! I had the same thought about trying to figure out how to get doll sized leaves and I'll have to keep my eyes open the next time I go to Michael's or Joann's. :)
Ryan looks awesome!! I have really wanted to try to find a red-head boy doll and this is a great solution! He looks so much better like that.
Love all the colors!

Vanessa said...

Awesome job on those leaves! Now I want some. I think I would have to fake the funk with a little spray paint. Lol. Great job on the redhead, too. I love the redheads.

D7ana said...

Cool paint job on the leaves, Ryan, and the horse. I don't like curly-eyelashed, "sissy" looking horses either. You improved your horse's look.

Did you attend that October doll show? I didn't. I'd enjoy reading a post about that. Will wait for what comes though ;-)

Georgia Girl said...

The leaves turned out great!! That is really cool that you work on other projects simultaneously. Ryan looks great! Very nice job especially on the beard. That is the hardest part.

april_n_paris said...

Wow, those leaves turned out really great. You did a fantastic job!!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jaye Frye, The grandmommy, Muff, Phyllis, Farrah, Vanessa, D7ana and Georgia Girl!

Jaye Frye, Thanks!

The grandmommy, I have looked at the new face for about a year before he grew on me. I don't normally like sideways looking eyes but I like his. I was surprised that he was so light!

Muff, I will be able to use them for forever. The time investment was worth it!

Phyllis, I realize that almost everything that you put into a diorama takes either time or money. I think I got off cheaply this time.
It might be my photos but the new Li Shang's head is the same size

Farrah, I only have a few redhead male! I guess it is not as popular for male dolls as female doll. But then again there aren't as many of them as there are blondes.

Vanessa, I not as good at spay painting as I am in doing it by hand.

D7ana, Thanks! Yeah, I don't know what Mattel was thinking with those eyelashes!

Georgia Girl, I the beard was the hardest to get right but there are two different colors in the hair!