Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hey Gang!


I have been having big fun on Facebook!  I've sold some things and I've bought some
things and I've met some new people. It almost like having a doll club meeting... not
quite but the next best thing!

Muff, I think you might like
Magical Misfits-Info and Advice on Remaking, Repairing,  Re-loving Our Dolls. 
They are your kind of people.  I think you could repost
some of your blog photos and info there.  It a place where people ask and answer
questions about dolls,  repair and alter dolls and they do dioramas too!

D7ana, I know that your are interested in sell some of your dolls.  I think you might
People in these pages sell dolls and accessories.  You never know what your might find!
People contact your if they are interested and you private message about details of
shipping and payment arrangements.  It is different than selling on eBay or the
old Dollpage Show and Sell. There is no cost to list or sell.  You must join the page.
People may contact you about trying to bargain with you.  You can say
yes or no.  I sold an outfit for cheaper than my asking price because the person
didn't need the shoes or purse. I will relist those items with other items I plan
on selling. You get likes to your post and sometimes more information about
an items.

Some of the Facebook pages even have event pages where they do things simular
to the Diva Doll page board.  They post doll pictures and share info on making
doll related items.

The sites I have mentioned have more traffic but there are others like  
Ken Doll Collectors, Monster High Guru Buy Sell Trade &Talk and
Action Figures Lovers' Page: GI Joe, Hot Toys, BBI

There are many more places on Facebook to see and sell doll related items.
So check out these pages and let us know if you see others.

FYI- I still sell on Mister Dollface but items don't seem to sell as fast.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I am glad you're having fun, meeting new people, and making sales.

I remember how leery you were of Facebook before.

I love the areas I frequent, including my own private group. I'm not on Instagram yet or Twitter and have no immediate plans to venture there or elsewhere social media wise.


Phyllis said...

Some really great links here! I hadn't really thought about selling on Facebook, but it sounds like a good idea! Thanks for sharing!

Watchme81 said...

Thank you. I have joined some of these groups!

Brini said...

This is is wonderful news to read! I am glad you are meeting people who share love for dolls. I haven't ventured into face book yet. I've been so busy lately it hard to hangout in Dotsville.

Janainah Frye said...

Hi. I have seen you on there. I belong to both groups. Lots of nice deals.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments dbg of BDE, Phyllis, Watchme81, Brini and Janainah!

dbg of BDE, If you know of any other good groups, please let me know! I'm not on Instagram yet or Twitter. I don't see it coming but never say never!

Phyllis, It is different but it is another way to sell thing!

Watchme81, Welcome! I hope it works for you as well!

Brini, It have limited my play from time to time but it is fun too!

Janainah, give a hey or a like when you see me!

Muff said...

My sister has been trying to get me on face book for years and I've avoided it at all costs. These groups do sound so interesting though. Maybe I'll join and just not tell her. Hehe.

Thanks, Ms. Leo!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Muff! I joined using an email address that others don't have so they don't know it is me and contact me!

Muff said...

Ms Leo (or anyone else who might know),

I tried to sign up at Facebook as HeyitsMuff and it rejected me. Do you have to sign up as your real name and submit id and then it lets you create a page as your blog/business name? So confused.