Saturday, March 21, 2015

Apollonia and The Dig!

Hey Gang!

We haven"t seen Apollonia in a long time!  She has been far away on a dig finding
 artifacts to bring back to the museum.  She was with a team and most of the
things they found will go to the National Museum here but a few things
will travel with her before they return to the National Museum.
They uncovered some really cool thing and they should bring a lot of people to
the museum. They will also send thing from their museum out on loan
National Museum.

Apollonia loves sleeping in a tent.  I reminds her of when she was small.
She got a good rest and woke up early. There is a lot to do.
 She starts a fire for warmth, breakfast and as!
 She stretches and notices whirling sand in the distant.
Apollonia:  I am not a fan of sandstorms but I can deal with it!
The sun is high and warm.  She has breakfast and even has an energy bar
as a snack.

It does really look like it is going to be a great day!

The plane is to arrive today that will take her back to the States!  She scans the horizon
but no plane as of yet.
Hmm...maybe this way.
I don't see anything, so I guess I'll get some stuff done.

I have the crate and the tools to send things home.
This will be a special exhibit!  The town will love it. It should also bring
out-of-towners to the museum also.
 I love it when the school children come to see our new exhibits.
I really love this onyx and gold cat! It is priceless!

I should take some pictures to send to Megan so she can prepare.  It will be a lot
of work. She will be excited.
She thinks about what Megan is doing right now.  Megan keeps everything running
smoothly while Apollonia is away. They are a good team!

There is nothing like morning light for photos. Apollonia get out her trusty camera.
It has seen many mile but works like a charm.
Megan is going to flip when she sees these!
I'll have to make sure I have all my permits to bring everything back and into the U.S. 
I really hate being delayed in customs!

Checking our route, we are in for good weather all the way back and I got an
email that my permits are waiting for me at the airport! Fantastic! 

OK! Thanks For Looking!


limbe dolls said...

Apollonia has a very exciting career. I enjoyed the story!

The grandmommy said...

I got excited along with her. Apolonia has a really cool job! Nice photos!

Georgia Girl said...

Nice story. I always love your backdrops! Apollonia has everything that she needs. She seems to be just fine with no one around.

D7ana said...

Nice to see a new story here ;-)

Apollonia has nice camping gear. Are the colors tan so that she can blend in her surroundings?

Ladonna Russell said...

Great story, I like all your/her items

Ladonna Russell said...

Great story,I like your/her items for the exhibit :-)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Apollonia is fabulous at camp. She finds treasures. Great story. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

Awesome. Love the dio and all the details. Go Appollonia!