Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Even More Clones!

Hey Gang!

I found these lovely clones in the area!  They stopped me in my tracks!
They are two BarbieTereasa faced Clones in the same box!
One is lighter and the other is darker.
They were only $4.00 dollars!
I'll have to go back and get them because I didn't have any money with me!
I hope they are still there!  I take more photos when I get them. I really want to
see their bodies.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


limbe dolls said...

Hi Ms. Leo,

I bought several of these back in the fall. The bodies are similar to belly button Barbies. They have sturdy click knees and their arms can rotate to the side as well as front and back. All in all their bodies are much better than the clone bodies we've been seeing since the recession. The dresses are terrible, however. The fabric is so stiff it feels like paper.

Ms. Leo said...

limbe dolls, I should have known if anyone would have seen and purchased them it would have been you. So you liked them. I'll have to get them now!

jSarie said...

Those are cute - and for $4, I'll have to keep an eye out for them!

Do they really have purple/violet eyes, or is that just a trick of the lighting?

Brini said...

They are really cute! I hope I see them here in Charlotte. I would love to add these sisters.

Georgia Girl said...

I have not see these. They are really cute! I hope you are able to pick them up.

Sarah Sequins said...

Aww! They have such sweet faces! Very cute.

Carrickters said...

They have very attractive faces and it is interesting to hear they actually have some articulation. Will be interested to see more pictures when you get them.

Male Doll World said...

I like the clone dolls. Hopefully, they are still available when you go back.

Muff said...

Pretty darn cute for only 4 bucks!

D7ana said...

Fingers crossed that you'll find them still there when you return. They are pretty ;-)