Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year! Diorama Drafts!

Hey Gang!

I have been playing around with diorama ideas.  I have been setting things up and
taking test photos to see how it photographs and if I like it.  These are some of
my photos of Pacific Rim Restaurant.  As I take photos, I see what I like in the
way of furniture, dolls, walls floors and nic nacs detail.   FYI, I don't dust
before taking draft photos! This will not be the final restaurant but it give
me ideas.
Akira: I just go over the menus while I wait for Connie.
Connie: You must be Akira!  Hi, I'm Connie.
Akira: Hello Connie. Please have a seat!

I like the wall decorations but they need a little more work to make them like I want.
I used crepe paper as a wainscoting but I thin I need something else.  I do think
it should be black to break up the look of the walls
 Akira: I was just going over the new menus while I waited for your.
Connie: WOW!  This place is really coming along.
Akira: Do you think so?  There is still so much to do!  

Connie: Oh Yes! ...
 I think it is coming along nicely.
 Connie: The Asian Business Association would love to have our dinner here.

My thoughts :I got the chairs at thrift stores over time.  I real wanted to use
them here.  The small tables are coaster.  I'm still working that out.
 Akira: Well, I need to really get things moving if I hope to do that!
My thoughts :The candles are beads.

My thoughts : I just love my dragon!

Connie: I was surprised and pleased to know that you and your husband
 were able to get both businesses up and running on your own.  If you do need 
any help know that the Asian Business Association is there to help you.

My thoughts: I am thinking about adding this from an earlier post to the restaurant.
Akira: We will be helping your cousin in opening her market.
Connie: Yes, she told me.  She is very happy about that.  We will be
combining some of the grocery orders for the store and the restaurant to keep
cost down for both of us.
My thoughts: I am hoping to find more things for the etagere.
My thoughts: It is one of my favorite pieces. I got it at the Flower Show. 
It starts again the end of this month.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Phyllis said...

Love how your Asian restaurant is coming along. I have those coasters from the Dollar Store and also use them as tables. I cut a piece of left over sticky back tile to stiffen them up and got some candle sticks at the Salvation Army to use as bases. Are you familiar with China Sprout? They have a lot of little decor items that could be used in your restaurant. They also have Barbie sized Chinese dresses and they are a source for Asian fashion dolls too. The sell Yue-Sai Wa Wa, Kuhrn and a fashion doll of their own named Mei Ling. Here is a link if you are interested:

Happy Chinese New Year!

Georgia Girl said...

Ms Leo, it looks great!!! I love the colors you chose, the furniture is awesome, and the beads make great accessories. The flowers give it such a realistic touch. Are they real?

Muff said...

Awesome! I like the walls a lot and you have some nice details throughout.

limbe dolls said...

Love your dragon!

D7ana said...

I second Limbe Dolls. Love your dragon.

The other pieces are nice, too. The restaurant looks set.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Phyllis, Georgia Girl, Muff, limbe dolls and D7ana

Phylliss, I might try that!

Georgia Girl and Muff, you both are right, details make dios look so much better. Your dios always have nice details!

limbe dolls and D7ana, you should have seen my hubby's face when he saw me with the dragon. My doll stuff is taking up a lot of space.