Monday, February 16, 2015

My Tom

Hey Gang,

I am continuing my year of the Children with this post!
One of my favorite dolls that I haven't posted about is Takara Jenny's
boyfriend Tom doll. I have had him awhile(at least 10 years) but why
I haven't posted him, I don't know! I guess it is because I have seen
other peoples post of him and I either thought I did or didn't feel the
need to until now.

He was one of the first dolls I saw with dreadlocks! He came out in 1992.
I purchased him back in the late 2000 and I think he was about 45 dollar when
I got him on eBay.  I got all my had to find dolls on eBay back then.  I didn't
know any better! He came from abroad and it took a while for him to arrive.
I was pleased because he looked just like the pictures.

Tom in the box!

Back of the box shows him in a confrontation!

This face looks too sweet for that!

The clothes seem so over sized for a doll with such a small body.  I had to find
him something different. My IT males are wearing his pants. I've put the jacket on
one too.

one earing

I love this hoodie on any change that...any doll.

Victor with Tom pants on.
I am always asked how big a doll or action figure is compared with Barbie
or Ken.  I have included ken for scale.
Answer to the Ken and JLS question.
I have seen a few pictures of Tom with his hair wild.  It does give him
a different look! You can see his slight body.
His chest and his arms are different material and different colors.
I just love the wind in my hair!
He has thin legs and small feet.
Tom feet vs Ken feet!
He doesn't have click knees but they are pose able.
So is his arm some what.
One thing that Kev mention about some male dolls and action figures is if
they have long necks they photo better than ones with shorter necks like JLS
 His name is Khaleel.
He is kind of an old soul and gravitates toward thinks someone his age normally doesn't.
He loves to DJ. It is the way he expresses himself artistically. 
Khaleel on the wheels of steel.
He makes good money at it too!  He stumbled over his fathers music collecting
when he was eight.  That created his love for the oldies.  He like Smokey Robinson,
Marvin Gay, Sam Cooke and The Temptations.  He has the complete collection of
Nat King Cole.
He does like modern artist like John Legend, Alicia Keys, Jaheim, and Jill Scott.
Also rap and hip hop.
He can DJ any kind of party!
I just love my lights from the Dollar Store.
 My favorite shot!
I had fun photographing him and using somethings I have been meaning to photo!
Any request?
I'll wear a suit at weddings and formal affairs.
I'll introduce his family later.

OK! Thanks For Looking!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for sharing your Tom with us, Ms. Leo. I like him "now." I didn't after mine first arrived back in the early 2000s, which is the reason I sold him immediately. I sort of regret doing that, but don't regret the $75 someone was willing to pay for him. I can't remember how much I paid. It was either less than that or I broke even. Either way, I wanted him to have a new home with someone who could appreciate him more than I could then. I do have a few (three I think) dark-skinned Jenny and/or Jenny-family dolls that still live here. I have never featured them on my blog because they are still confined to their original packaging.


AG Lanc said...

OMGoodness, I think I love him, now I am going to have to hunt him down. LOL. I have been collecting for about 3 yrs now and still use ebay for my purchases. What other venues are there for collecting dolls? Thanks!

jSarie said...

Thanks for sharing him - he's such an interesting doll!

I can't believe how hilariously huge his default outfit was! It looks like that jacket and pants were 3x his size!

Phyllis said...

Tom is really a nice looking guy! I love his hair. I do not have any of the Jenny Takara dolls to date, but that could change!

Thanks for showing him to us!

jewel snake said...

According to his bio from the box Tom is (cute) 18 years old boy from California, who love to dance and is a lider of dance team :) He and Jeff (I guess it's the blond guy from the box) are romatic rivals, both are in love with the same girl.
He looks like a boy from Califorina indeed, when I saw him I got impression of typical tanned surfer guy.
Great doll, wish I could find one like that!

Muff said...

The confrontation photo is hysterical! That girl in the background is like, "Oh, no! Two handsome boys are going to fight over me. Whatever shall I do? Tee hee."

Brini said...

Oh I like him! I need one now. I love the photo on the back but must he be ready to fight?, lol. He will be a rare find indeed. Wish me luck.

Farrah Lily said...

He is really cute! I love the mini-DJ set as well! :)

Georgia Girl said...

I love his dreadlocks! I had never see him before. He would fit in very well with my natural hair collection. Okay Ms Leo, you are being an enabler. Lol! Thanks for sharing!

limbe dolls said...

I didn't even know there were any darker-skinned Takara dolls. Thanks for introducing us to Tom. I think it's cool that he is a DJ.

Vanessa said...

This is my first time seeing Tom. He's a cutie. If I ever run across one, he'll be coming to Morristown.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments dbg of BDE, AG Lanc, jSarie, Phyllis, jewel snake, Muff, Brini, Farrah Lily, Georgia Girl, limbe dolls and Vanessa!

dbg of BDE, WOW! You have dark-skinned Jenny and/or Jenny-family dolls. I think they are worth showing even in their box!

AG Lanc, I used the dollpage show and sell until they went down a few weeks ago! Many seller from there are going to to sell and to . Also many bloggers sell doll on their blogs but I would stick with folks that you know.

jSarie, I think it is just Tom's outfit. The other doll on the box outfit seems the right size.

Phyllis, I'm glad I got him and don't know why I hadn't shown him before. I had a story for him in my mind and it time for it.

jewel snake, I do think he is an "ethic male" and not just tanned. You do kinda get that in person. As with any doll here, I give them my own story.

Muff, That is the fantasy! Two men fighting over lil old me!

Brini, Yeah Brini! I know what you mean.

Farrah Lily, he is cute! The turntable is Generation Girls Blaine's set.

Georgia Girl, he would but don't buy him just because I posted him. Buy him because he is cute!

limbe dolls, Thanks, he is an old soul.

Vanessa, just so that you know, I am not an enabler!

D7ana said...

Congrats on getting this Tom. I have him, too.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment D7ana. I think Miya and Kev have one also. Maybe dressing him should be our next challange!