Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Minis Are The New Black!

Hey Gang!

After falling in love with my AG Minis, I started looking around for other minis. 
Because well....minis are the new black!

I found some Collectors Lane Mini dolls on line.  If you have seen the new Our
Generation mini dolls, these dolls were the predecessor of those dolls at Target
and another Target exclusive.
Close up

 The outfit
 The tee  with pocket and necklace
Jacket off

Close up

Jacket off -tee and necklace!

Rachel in undies! The undies for these dolls are nice!
Great socks and shoes too!
The have glued on wigs and not rooted hair.

The hair isn't very soft either.
In this shot you can see the cap.
I was told that the larger dolls had wigs too!  I hope the air was better.
On all my mini dolls something about 
the tag bothered me.  It had to go!
Comparison to AG Minis!
AG's are taller!
AG Ivy---CL Sheri
The torso is a little shorter and the legs are shorter too! 
They are close to the same size

Jackets and bags
To me...it looks like the bag with the pink jacket should be 
with the green jacket and vice versa.
Hats and skirts both with really nice details!

Vanessa! She came today in the mail.
Without the plastic
Great hat and Jacket!
Great eyes! The hair ...not so much.
The whole outfit!
From the back

You might notice that these doll don't have lashes.  Not even painted on lashes.
It kinda hardens their look.  So I read on  Snickerdoodle Street that you can make
these dolls into boys!  We always need some guys around here so I did!
I gave them a hair cut and style and viola!
He is now Martin.
 Ned, Martin and Jack!
As always finding clothes will be somewhat of an issue.  I will work it out.

OK, next is my new Our Generation dolls!


Moxie Girlz Mini dolls!

 I got one of the few dolls that had an AA face with and AA body.
 Most looked like this one where the body is a different complexion.

So here is what I purchased!

 I purchase two Siennas. One I plan to make a boy
and the other I will keep as is.
 I got this two also.  The blonde will be a boy also.
I just love this redhead!  The clothes on these dolls
are so well done for the size! 
I just love the tights!
Ryla & Holly

  I can use the clothes and shoes for other dolls.
 There was a stain behind her ear where the band was.
I will show you pictures of Holly after her make over.

 Our Generation, Collectors Lane and American Girls!
Holly, Martin and Addy

Moxie Girlz Mini

I look forward to adding her to my other smaller dolls.

 Out of the box, her head is large but she has a cute face!
 Here part is off centered but so is mine when I put it into ponytails too!
 I tried some other dress on her.  She looks so cute.  "See you later!"

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Fefe Mae said...

I love mini dolls! The Our Generation ones are particularly cute... how much do they cost?

Muff said...

The Moxie ones are really my favorites. They did a great job on their cuteness factor.

Phyllis said...

Looks like I am gonna have to stop at Target again!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I have had multiples of the mini Vanessa for years along with the 18-inch Vanessa. I think I am down to 2 minis: one to keep for myself. I purchased the extras when they were discounted at Target for $3 and change. I have given them out as gifts to various little ones and adult collectors throughout the years.


Brini said...

They are all cute. I haven't seen them her in Charlotte but I will be on the look out. I could use some boys around here. I love how easy it was to change them up, that ingenious!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great mini dolls. I had not seen before. They are lovely. Keep in touch

RoxanneRoxanne said...

They are all very cute!

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your new dolls! I admire how you made some of them boys. We don't get many playscale boys, do we?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments fefe Mae, Muff, Phyllis, dbg of BDE, Brini, Marta, RoxanneRoxanne and D7ana!

fefe Mae, the OG are under 10.00 at Target.

Muff, you are correct! The Moxie dolls are very cute.

Phyllis, make the trip to Target...

dbg of BDE, I wish I had purchased them at that price. I really like what I was able to do with them.

Brini, I hope they will come to Charlotte. Do get your self a few.

Marta, I hope they come to Spain too.

RoxanneRoxanne, thanks. You should see them in person.

D7ana, it is too hard to find boys.