Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Max Steel

Hey Gang!

I have a Max Steel action figure up for sale so I thought it was a great time to
take a look at Max Steel.  Max Steel is a line of action figures produced by
Mattel. The figures are similar to the original 12-inch G.I. Joe
Max Steel started as an action figure in 1999.  He is a Johnny come lately  to the
action figure world where many figures were launched in the 60's and 70's. This toy
consisting almost entirely of different versions of Max Steel, the main character,
and one or two of his enemies, vehicles and 2 or 3 special packages.

In the 90's it was common to have an animated TV series to go along
with toys.  In 2000 he got his own TV show too.  He is much more successful
in Latin America, where Max Steel is the #1 action figure property.

 Close up!

For those not familiar with the character, Max Steel is a 19-year-old extreme sports
enthusiast who is injured in an accident that infects his body with nanobots that
make him superhuman.  This leads to him being recruited by a secret agency,
where he is of course teamed up with lots of other action figure-friendly
characters.   Mattel hopes that a major motion picture will help relaunch the
toy line in the United States and other regions outside of Latin America. 

Max VS Joe! 

I am using this Joe body for comparison.  I can't find his head right now.
 Both have good articulation.
This Joe has painted on undies.  Most Joes don't.   Most Max Steel came with
Painted on undies.  The cuff on the hand is on most versions of Max Steel.
For a review of the different versions of
Max Steel check out info on Man behind the doll.
 Max's foot---Joe's foot
Max has wider but short feet.
Joe's foot---Max's foot
 Max's chest has a larger circumference than Joe!
The biggest difference can't be told with these shots!  Max did get and friends in
his toy line only enemies!  There were any ethic or other kind of friends in this line.
I think that there might have been a dog. Sad!

But I ask you ...does he look like a 19 year old?
The action figure pictures above is no longer sold in stores today. A new
Max Steel toy line accompanies the new TV series for 2013. According
to Mattel's  American International Toy Fair presentation, the toy line
was never cancelled in Latin America, and is one of the best sellers in
that market. 

So here is the new Max Steel.

The new toy have a more Asia feel to me.  I saw him on clearance in

 No, that not a uniform, that is his body! What a bummer!
Back of the box!
Special effect gun!
Close up of the face.  Please pardon the flash!
 He looks more like a 19 year old!

I tried him on an old Max Steel but but it didn't work!  So now he is on a
Fashionista male body. 

  It not too bad.
Father and son?
Dad Gees! You are not Matthew McConaughey !
Put some clothes on!

He will make a great teen around here.  I am thinking about giving him some
high lights.  His hair seem to one dimensional.

OK, Thanks for looking!


limbe dolls said...

Thanks for the information about Max Steele. I remember seeing him in KB Toys back in the day but I never bought one although I remember I was tempted by his dog. Interesting to know that he is the #1 action figure in Latin America. He turned up in a lot of second hand shops in Senegal.

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing your Max Steele, Ms. Leo! He could be 19 in one of those movies where the 19-year-olds are played by 30-year-olds, lol.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great review. I really like the new Max Steel in the fashionista body. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments limbe dolls,D7ana, and Marta! I hope the New Max Steel gets some diverse friends!

limbe dolls, I was surprised to find that out too! I guess his dark complexion makes him a natural fit there. I hope you are having a great time there and are finding new dolls that we don't see here!

D7ana, male actor can age but women have to do everything to keep playing the young roles that movies are written for. Thank God for cable giving all kinds of people roles! I give two thumbs up for Morgan Freeman who seems to keep cranking out the movie roles!

Marta, I like him on that body. I was just posing him this morning. Is he in Spain yet?