Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Thrift Store Finds and Purchases!

Hey Gang!

So here are my thrift store finds and Purchases thus far!  I even have started
making jewelry for my dolls so I will show you that too!

First up is

Mary Poppins doll!  I think I scored with this one!  I have never see
this doll before in a thrift store!  She is articulated and her hair
and makeup are in good shape! 

She didn't have clothing but I found a bag of doll clothing at the thrift store!
Woo Hoo! You got to love it when you find doll clothes in good shape
at the thrift store! I don't mind buying new doll clothes but most of the new
stuff is made poorly and way to young looking for my older dolls.  Here is
Julie, that is what I'm calling her, with Camille wearing new outfits.  The
shirt and pants Julie is wearing came from the clothes bag along with the pants
that Camille is wearing. 

Camille is sporting I top that I got at our last Doll Club meeting!  I'm still
basking in the glow of the meeting!  She is also wearing a necklace I made. 

Thanks again D7ana! My dolls are loving all the wonderful clothing I got from you!
 If you read this post anywhere other
It is a fake!!! Run!!

Next is this doll. 

This doll is on her original body and she came with this dress.  Both her shoes
and the shoes Camille is wearing came in the the clothing bag!
I thought she might be Island Princess Barbie but I have one of those dolls. 
She has the same headsculpt (Barbie Basics Tango) as Island princess but she
is on a taller body and her hair color is different!  I made this necklace too!
I'm thinking about naming her Millie!


This Stacie was at the thrift store too.  I like her hat!  It is real blue fabric and
not that pick plastic cap that they gave Darrin!  What were they thinking! 

Yeah, Darrin might have to borrow that hat!  Unfortunately her shoes
don't come off!:( She will still be a lot of fun around here.  Look at that
look in her eyes!  Trouble! She has been doing a lot of flipping around.
A Tomboy I think!


I found this in the thrift store too. I don't know what it is but I got it anyway. If you
know, let me know!
It seemed to go well with my new Harry Potter doll.  Oh he isn't wearing his glasses.
He is wearing Max's glasses and Max is now wearing his.


Patrick Dempsey doll from Disney's  movie Enchanted is here again!  I had one before
that I sold because his head was soo big but I think I will keep him now. 
His clothing was also in the for mentioned bag.

 Should he be doctor McDreamy here?  What do you think?

Last Doll

Should he have a wife with a big head too?  I found this Live is a Dream Midge on
sale.  I am a sucker for a redhead.  Even a large redhead.


I didn't need another house!  You know I didn't but I could just let is sit there!
 It was 3 bucks!  I just couldn't let it sit there.  I already have one Happy Family
house.  So maybe I'll do a street like Vanessa!
 The cart was $1.00. I saw these cart a while ago on Flickr and liked it.  It is not
complete but I'm sure I can "Froggy" something.
At first I only saw the one chair.  I madly searched for the second and hoped that
there were more but there were only two.
 Yelp! 25 cents each! I don't know what set they belong to.  If you know, let me know.

OK that is it for now!

Thanks For looking!


Mustiwait said...

I need to find that store Ms. Leo you did very well!

The grandmommy said...

Great shopping!
A thrift shop I go to always has bagged clothes but they seem to expensive. Maybe I will get a back and cover up some of these nude bodies. lol
I am really liking those chairs!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your Mary Poppins. Stacei is very cute. Patrick Dempsey is also your sweetheart. I also like the house and the trolley. In your town there are interesting thrift stores. Keep in touch

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Great finds! I didn't even know there was an articulated Mary poppins doll.

Fefe Mae said...

Awesome finds! I think that the doll you might call Millie could be Isla or Hadley from Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. I have them, and "Millie" kind of looks like the brunette. I really like the outfit on Midge! Stacie is super cute, and it is a big plus that she is articulated!

Muff said...

Wow, that is one awesome haul. Before I read your identification, I thought that first doll was Celine Dion.

Brini said...

You really scored some great items. I have been sewing clothes for my older ladies too. I don't think they want a lot of glitter and above knee skirts, lol. I love the chairs and I'm glad you were able to find the other one. I haven't see the cart before or the Mary Poppins doll but hey it works!

jSarie said...

I love those chairs - they're fantastic-looking. And 25 cents too!

That Mary Poppins doll is a solid find as well - she has such an interesting face!

D7ana said...

Congrats on the dolls and clothes you found. You know where to go get 'em ;-)

Glad you like the fashions; I have to post one of my dolls wearing that cute S.i.S. fashion you gave me at the last meeting.

I don't recognize the chairs, but I think that your Tango-faced doll is an Island Princess, Barbie Island Princess set.

Vanessa said...

Awesome, awesome. I'm glad you are keeping McDreamy. I never even noticed a big head on him. I noticed big hair and cut quite a bit of it off. You can't pass up a $3 house. LOL! I'm sure you will do something creative with it.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Marta,Anderson's All Purpose, Fefe Mae, Muff, Brini, D7ana, Jsarie and Vanessa! I went to one of my out of the way thrift stores. They are hit or miss! This time was a hit!

Mustiwait and Marta, Thanks! There are about 7 thirft stores that I visit regularly. I still have a few new ones that I would like to checkout!

The Grandmommy, Find out if they have sale days or try to talk them down! All they can say is no!

Anderson's All Purpose, I think they did two this headsculpt. One on the articulated body(2007) and Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Doll with the same face but not articulated(1999).
This one was part of the set of dolls they did.

Fefe Mae, Some of the Life is a Dream out fits are really nice! I like this one too! The Stacie is cute and looks like trouble!

Muff, Did they make a Celine Dion? I would love to see that! You are right! She does!

Brini, In thrift stores, you have to search! If you are not going to search, why go! If it was there, I was going to find it! Yeah, I hear yah! My mature girls want certain things when it comes to fashion! No short-shorts, skirts or dresses with the butt hanging out! LOL!

Jsarie, Yeah the chairs are killer! I love the Mary Poppins face!

D7ana, What do you know about the Barbie Island Princess set? It seems everytime I post a doll I don't know everyone say that they are Barbie Island Princess. How may dolls where there and how many headscuplts did they use? I'll have to checkout your post!

Vanessa, I hope you are feeling better! I don't know about creative but something!