Friday, October 4, 2013

Up For Sale!

Hey Gang! 

I haven't posted the items I have up for sale on the dollpage in
a while.  I wanted to let you know I have some great things
up for sale and a few more I will be adding each day for
the next week so check often!

One of the things I have listed is this
That's Right!
It is Rubeus Hagrid!  He stands about 15 1/2 Inches!  He has great detail.
Don't you know a child that would just love him!

I also have several male figures and dolls and will be adding more. Here is a
"Hey take me home!"
 "No, take me home!"
 "I not going to beg!  You know you want me!"
 Teen Dolls- more on the site!
"Let's see what trouble we can get into"
 and kids!
 Just too cute!
I also have some diorama items and clothing too!  So please check
out my dollpage!

Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Good luck with your sales. If you do ok please let me know because I have a truck load of articulated caucasion dolls!

william said...

ms leo
I am interested in purchasing the hybred cheerleader ken doll that you have. I just want his head for an articulated body that i allready have. Please let me know if i can just buy the head..thanks

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo! Wishing you good luck with your sales ... I will be posting a sales list, too. I LOVE how you add your enthusiast bio to your member page. Warning: I am copying that from you ;-)

Only thing I would change is to make your blog website linked. Add so that readers can immediately click through to your website. Check this site.

Good luck!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy,William and D7ana!

The grandmommy, I would try sell your bodies on the dollpage! I think they would sell and it doesn't cost you anything to list them.

William, I tried to find your email on you blog profile but couldn't. Please contact me at Leonaamon at American On Line.

D7ana, Thanks! It was great meeting you! I will take you suggestion. I approve you copying of the enthusiast bio! LOL!