Monday, October 14, 2013

The Doll Box!

Hey Gang!

The doll box is not a package coming in the mail.  I do expect some of those too! In
this case the doll box will be my tool kit where I keep the things I use to aid me with
dolls and doll dioramas.  I salvaged this box out of the trash from work.  I'm not sure
if it is big enough but it will do to start!

So why the box?  Well, I find myself looking one place for the small scissor, another 
place for the crazy glue, another place for the permanent markers and another place 
for the seem ripper.  It will be nice to just get the box and have them all together! 
Somethings a will purchase just for the box.  I won't take the house seem ripper or
crazy glue. I don't want to have to look in my box for it when someone else needs
things.  Or God forbid, having them looking in the doll box!  

So this is the box!  It needs a cleaning!  

It has a little shelf inside.

If you read this post on any other 
blog than
IT IS A FAKE!!! Run!!

So here is my questions!

1. Do you have a doll box?
2. How big is it?
3. Does it have compartments?
4. What do you have in it?
5.What do you think everyone needs to have in it?

I would love to have your answers! A picture would be nice!

Thanks For Looking!


Nyu Sumeragi said...

I also use this type of box for my small utensils for dolls.. :)

Temporary Mouse said...

I have a small toolbox with craft-related tools: a small small scale pliers,and a tack hammer, for starters. I tend to keep likes together. All the glues are in one place in the house. If I use them elsewhere, they are returned. Seam rippers live with sewing supplies, though they might migrate to the beading tray. Straws live in the kitchen, even though they are most often chopped and used for doll curlers. I do keep a small pouch of doll sewing supplies: hemostats, seam ripper, 6-inch ruler,6-inch scissors, gel pen, chalk markers, tiny snaps. Tiny elastic bands for doll hair most often are wherever I last tried to tame doll hair. I also have curling gel and spray conditioner just for dolls.

Heather said...

Oh no! Are people hijacking your posts?? Although the addy for me is (the @ just takes me back to my blogger homepage) XD

On to the questions!

1. Do you have a doll box?

Can I count my rerooting box? Or my Barbie clothes box... or my Neemo clothes box...Oh my.

2. How big is it?

About the size of a shoebox.

3. Does it have compartments?

Yes, they are a series of compartments that clip together

4. What do you have in it?

Box 1: Doll heads, rerooting supplies, haaaaair
Box 2: Barbie clothes and shoes.
Box 3: Neemo clothes and shoes.

5.What do you think everyone needs to have in it?

Good, Sharp Scissors. It doesn't even matter what kind of box you've got... doll clothes get flyaway strings, and most crafts require a good pair.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I don't have a doll box but I have a basket in the hutch of my personal desk where I keep scissors, tape measure, crazy glue, and other office things. I use the top two desk drawers of my childhood desk to keep other small things that I use for accessorizing dolls.

Doll clothes are kept in trunks or cases for the particular size doll the clothing fit. Small shoes are stored in these trunks and cases.

Shoes for child-size dolls are stored in a bedroom closet as well as clothing for this size doll.

My painting supplies, tacky glue, and other crafty things are kept in a cabinet in my utility room above the washing machine, which is where I usually am when I paint and utilize the things that I store in that cabinet.

It would be nice to store everything in one place, but I don't work in one place when I am doing things with my dolls so I just store the things in the respective places where I work on them.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I have a small plastic furniture with four drawers to store my tools for dolls. I keep scissors, glue, screwdriver, tape, markers ... Keep in touch

Super Cool Doll House said...

What everyone said plus, tweezers, magnifying glass, plain dental floss, fine pet comb and cuticle scissors. I once had a doll box... now I sort of have a doll workbench in a doll basement. :)

Georgia Girl said...

I don't have a doll box per se. My things are in multiple places such as: I have a small case for hair products - rubber bands, rods, end wraps, tiny scissors to trim the flyaway hairs. I have a five drawer storage container to put everything that I need or sewing. I also have a larger five drawer storage container for clothes. My paint, glue, brushes, and like items are stored in a basket.

Nice post! It is nice to see what everyone is doing.

Muff said...

I used to have a doll box but now I basically have a doll studio. My doll crafts and equipment has taken over my home office. I use rolling stackable storage to house most of it.

I have a lot of tools, art crafts, paper, and every thing you can image to help me modify or enhance my dolls as well build them sets.

A good doll utility box has; exacto knife, utility knife, small scissors, mechanical pencils, putty or sticky tack, scotch tape, electrical tape, duct tape, needle nose pliers, clamps, binder clips, wet glue, dry glue, varnish, qtips, nail polish remover and a ruler.

Carrickters said...

A lot of my sewing students use this type of box as a sewing box because they can keep things like scissors and pins in the top and fabric and half made projects in the bottom. I don't have a doll box - but I probably should.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments and suggestions Nyu Sumeragi, Tempory Mouse, Heather, dbg of BDE, Marta, Super Cool Doll House, Georgia Girl, Muff and Carrickters. These are all very good ideas and suggestions!

I really envy all of you how have a room, workbench or studio to work in! One Day!

Super Cool Doll House, What do you use the plain dental floss For?

Vanessa said...

This box idea is a good one. Organization is crucial. I'm like a lot of the other folks. I try to have things organized in my craft studio. I'm not completely there. The plastic rolling containers houses most of my craft and sewing items. Hope we get to see your box when it's done.

Phyllis said...

I have multiple boxes, storage units etc. Mostly, right now everything is in chaos because I am moving my dolls to my basement. I have them in a very small loft area before and had various methods of storage wherever I could find the room. Getting things into the basement will help me to have a dedicated doll room next to my sewing room and a opportunity to be more organized. It is taking longer than I had anticipated due to restrictions because of health problems, but I am trying to do a little each day.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa and Phylliss! I can only hope for a doll room or area. Many of my things are in boxes. As it gets closer to the end of the year, I am getting ride of a lot of clothing and things in hops to have more room. I hope to have more space for dolls. I will post what has happen to the box before the year is out.