Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheerleader Ken Doll For Re-boding and The Guys Get Articulation Love!

Hey Gang!

A lot of us purchased the Barbie Basic Guys (15, 16, 17)  when they came out.
I will admit to purchasing 17 at full price plus shipping from Barbie
Collectors. com.  The others I got on sale at Big Lots.  And I can say
I think we all wished they had the articulated bodies of say...the
blonde Harley Davidson Ken or Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow.
I was hoping for one of those type bodies too. Many of us had re-bodied
them after purchase. I had seen re-bodied versions on Fashionista Ken
on flickr. They look only OK.  I thought for the price point, we would get
Harley Davidson body articulated body with the Asian Ken too
but nooooooooo!  We got the model muse male body! @#$%%%!

So after I got my AA Cheerleader Ken for 24.99 and rebodied him,
I wondered if Mattel could do that body for that price point on
the Cheerleader male then why didn't they do it on 15, 16, 16 and Asian
Ken.  Would we have paid 24.99 for those dolls on an articulated body.
Yes, we would and not have thought twice about it! Well... many of us
would not but everyone.  You know who you are. ;)

So, anyway I purchased three of the blonde Cheerleader Ken dolls for
re-boding  I had my #15 and #16 on Fashionista Ryan bodies and my Asian
Ken was on a Liam Fava body .  Neither of them were exactly what I wanted.
Those doll heads needed the longer necks of the cheerleader body.  Number
15,16, and Asian Ken got the new bodies with my purchase of the three
Cheerleader Ken dolls .

So as you know for my previous post I rebodied my 
#17 onto a AA Cheerleader Ken.

 After! Brandon bidding is old body a due! 
The blonde before
 After with a # 16 head.
 I just love all the poses I can do now!
He is now Issac.
Here they are together.  New head on a Fashionista ken body will be on
the dollpage for sale!

 BB #15. was  re-bodied onto a fashionista Ken 
body but the neck was too short!
On his new body!  
Please pardon his pants.  
I didn't feel like looking for others.
 This is the body I was meant for.  This is now Paul!
 There is a difference in complexion between these two dolls but not 
enough to need a different body.
 # 16's body went up for sale months ago.His head was just hanging around waiting.
This guy received the old fashionista body and was glad for it!
He is now Marshall.
 Marshall:  I need to find some longer pants!
Marshall:  Hey want to trade pants? 
Paul: No way!
Asian Ken was on a Flava body after purchase but it didn't work for him either

Now on his new body!
 I think this worked out well!  He is now Blaine!
 Blaine: I'm an artist and I needed to have better articulation!
His old body went to this guy, Anderson Martin.  
Anderson: This body works well for me. I didn't need a long neck but the height
is nice.
Anderson: Thanks man!
Blaine: No problem!

OK! Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

Congratulations on the success and joy brought about by your re-bodying your guys! Yay!

Was nice to meet you last week. I had fun. Real life is kicking my butt now, but I'm going to get back to where I should.

Happy kitbashing ;-D

Tracy India said...

Congrats, they're all looking very tall and handsome now. :). I'm especially jealous of your Japan Ken.

MajorMistakes said...

They look great with new bodies, a little bit of articulation makes a man :)

Phyllis said...

I did something similar and rebodied several of my Mattel men with the new bodies. Maybe Mattel will get the hint with the popularity of these cheerleader dolls and produce more dolls with articulation.

Muff said...

They look so much better. I keep waiting for the Cheerleader Males to show up in stores or hopefully Tuesday Morning or Big Lots so I can snatch some cheaply because I'm one of those people who knows who she is, lol.