Friday, July 5, 2013

My New Texas A&M AA Cheerleader Doll Arrived In The Mail!

Hey Gang!

Today my new Texas A&M AA Cheerleader dolls arrived in the mail.  I came home
to find this going on in my hallway......
 Khadijah:  Are you nervous?  
Brandon:  Yes!
Khadijah:  Don't be nervous!  It happened to me and I am better
 for it. I'm here to support you!
Fatimah:   And I am here to support both of you!  It happened to me too!  
I had one of those MM bodies like you Brandon and I'm just fine!
 Khadijah:  So why are you here?  
Artsy:  I have heard a lot about these head swaps but have never seen one.
Fatimah:  Don't worry about her.  She probably just a donor.  
She won't be here too long!
Artsy:   Hey, I heard that.  My head isn't all that big and I got great face paint.  
I might stick around.
 Artsy:  You don't look all that different from me and you're here! 
 Khadijah:  So, why are you here?
Ghana Barbie:  This is my furniture you all are sitting on.  I am here to make sure
it goes back in the upstairs hallway when you are done.
 Fashionista Ryan: Am I too late?

Fahionista Ryan:  Is this... him?
 Fashionista Ryan:  I am to be a comparison body to him.  I am dying to see him and what he can do!

 Brandon:  Now I am getting really nervous! 
Khadijah:  Why?
 Brandon:  What if Ms. Leo doesn't give me the new body.  What if 
my complexion is wrong or something?  What if his head is better than mine?
I could get sold and I would never see you again!
 Khadijah: Ms. Leo wouldn't do that. right Ms. Leo?

Ms. Leo: Ah, ...oh,   Well, I can't make any promises but it is my 
plan to re-body him.
 Elsa: Hey,hey, hey!  I heard that there are cute guys around.
Elsa: Oh, your cute!
Khadijah:   Look Miss, this is my boyfriend's re-boding.  
He's got a!
Elsa:  Hey, nothing around here is written in stone.  You're one person's love 
interest today and somebody else's tomorrow!  You got to fight to be here!
 Fatimah: Don't worry sis!  I take care of her! Is it a fight you want?
Bea: Am I  too late?  Is he here?
Artsy:  Now this looks interesting! He, he. Where is the popcorn!
Bea: I heard that the new Cheerleader AA Ken had arrived!  
Wow, this box is sooo big!
 Khadijah:  Now I am worried!
Elsa:  Do you have a girlfriend?   
Fashionista Ryan: I am only seventeen!
Elsa:  That doesn't matter to me!
 Brandon:  I love you and you have nothing to worry about! OK!
Khadijah:  OK!
Bea: I was told that there were two in this box, girl.  So stop tripping!

I will show you the Texas A&M AA Ken doll in my next post!

Thanks For Looking!


Georgia Girl said...

Lol!! Very cute photo story! I enjoyed it!

Vanessa said...

If I were Brandon, I would be worried, too. Ms. Leo is quick to throw a doll on the dollpages. I'm rooting for you to stay, Brandon! Congrats on getting your dolls.

Muff said...

LOL, Elsa is a trip. I think I would keep her away from my son before they end up on a Lifetime movie.

Sergio said...

I know what will happen! For Brandon will be like watch himself on a mirror ;-)

limbe dolls said...

Very cute story! I love the way you build up the suspense and can't wait for the new body to be unveiled.

Forestminuet said...

HAHAHA, I love the commentary! Especially Ghana Barbie and the furniture. :) I can't wait to see the cheerleaders!

Carrickters said...

Lol - so your dolls hold rebodying parties. Loved the comments - and I do hope Ghana Barbie gets her furniture back safe and sound (and that Brandon stays).

V. said...

LOLOL this was one of the funniest photo stories I've read!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Georgia Girl, Vanessa, Muff, Sergio, limbe dolls, Forestminuet, Carrickters and V.

Georgia Girl, I'm glad you liked it!

Vanessa, Sssh, the other dolls might hear you! I think Brandon will stay! The Cheerleader head, well that is another story.

Muff, there is an Elsa everywhere! Please keep them away from your son!

Sergio, Maybe!

limbe dolls, Brandon and some of the other dolls were out and waiting for this new doll to show up. Maybe not in the hall but waiting!

Forestminuet, Ghana Barbie is the only doll that has a living area that is always up around here. She lives on the table at the top of the stairs. She like that spot and would fight to keep it!

Carrickters, It is not exactly a party! More like a hospital waiting room scene! One never know what might happen!

V. I'm glad you liked it!