Monday, December 17, 2012

Hight School Musical House/School!

I know I told you with the purchase of my last large house that I didn't need another but I got one any way!  I just couldn't leave it at the thrift store. 

 Not for this price!
 It has some nice features even if I take it apart to use.  I have see this entry in many dioramas.  I have even seen it repainted. 
 I would like to use it as a office building but it might even work well as a school.  Who know what I can do with this.  I will have to remove the stickers!  You guys who have done this, please give suggestions.  I don't want this project to sit for long.
This is a very large sticker.... it looks like it will be some work!

I guess this side was the gym?  The brown and beige floors make not painting them easy and the gold accents are nice too. It has a formal feel.
So the read curtains will go...they might make a cute outfit for one of my dolls.  I have been inspired about recycling items after some things I have seen on flickr!

From what I have seen the doors might be a challenge.  I think that they will be brown! That color might take better than other colors.
I am not sure what this is or if it even belongs to this set.  I will play around with it. 
These I believe belong to a table to the set but the top was not at the thrift store with the house.  Since they are not gold, I will use them somewhere else.
Gold detail I like and red detail that must go!  I have a sheet behind the house just in case you were wondering.  It makes the details of the house stand out.
The doors go here! This could be a really nice entry way!
Because I purchased this house I felt OK about selling my Happy Family Smart House to a fellow blogger!  You know who you are.  I don't plan to do that much painting to this house. Like I said,  I will paint over some of the red but that is about all with the painting and I will remove the sticker too.  I will be looking for formal scrapbook paper to add to the house. Because of its' color it will combine will with my Moxie Jammaz House facade and Cali Girl Hawaiian Hotel Resort

For that reason I am giving it the

#10 spot

on my best doll related purchases for 2012!

I know the design of this is very similar to the Grand Hotel and it too will go up for sale!  I don't want to have to paint over the pink. The VVictorian house is still up in the air!  This is a more manageable project and may be where I need to start.

Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

Wow that is hugh and the price is super nice. Man, play sets used to be rockin'!

MissSpottyJane said...

Nice buy! It has nice "real" architecture elements, I'm sure it will look great once made over.

Nyu Sumeragi said...

This is a good purchase!
I am sure that you will make a good restoration! ;)

V. said...

Great buiding, I didn't know it existed. It's a nice set for many dioramas.

Lilsdolls said...

It is a very nice house! Waiting to see some dolls in it in the future.
Have a Merry Christmas

limbe dolls said...

You scored a very nice play set at a great price. Looks like they re-used molds from the Barbie Grand Hotel for this one. I really like the architectural details. Have fun painting and remodeling!

Vanessa said...

Nice find! I would have bought it, too, even though I have a few houses waiting in the basement. This was a nicely designed structure.

I'm waiting patiently for my package!

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your find. That is a sharp playset; the renovation you plan sound exciting. I look forward to seeing them ;-D

Marta said...

Hello from spain: congratulations for your purchase. I love this school. If it were mine I would make a house for my dolls. Great purchase ande very cheap. Keep in touch

Georgia Girl said...

Congratulations on getting a nice structure for a great price. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Mustiwait said...

Very nice, I sure would have bought it. Great find.

Tine said...

same challenge, hihihi! I thought that I bought it cheap!!?!?! VERY nice price!
My plan is to paint the WHOLE house. I'm looking forward to see the results of your project! Hope you will share it? Regards from the Netherlands. Tine

Vita Plastica said...

What a great find! I would pull off the stickers as much as possible, then pray on Goo Gone (not Goof Off), let it sit, then they will peel off with ease. I have put G.G. directly ON stickers but the sticker coating stops the G.G. from soaking in properly. Enjoy your project!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, MissSpottyJane, Nyu Sameragi, V., Lilsdolls. limbe dolls, Vanessa,
D7ana, Marta, Georgia Girl, Mustiwait, Tine and Vita Plastica!

Muff and limbe dolls, This does look much like the Grand Hotel without all the pink! Ugg! Because it was a school the furniture wasn't so great. It wasn't as nice as the International High things or the Monter High school stuff. So I'm not too bummed about not having the furniture. I would like to do something differnt as a windowtreatment. I think blinds would be nice.

Nyu Sameragi and Lilsdolls, I am now going over my furniture to see what will work in the way of size and color. I don't want to paint furniture too.

MissSpottyJane and Vanessa, It does have strong architecture elements. That is something Mattel isn't doing as much now. It was definately worth the price.

V. and Marta, I do think it can be used for many dio. I hope to make it look different with each use. Let's see how I do!

Mustiwait, D7ana, and Georgia Girl, If your are going to redo something it helps to get it at a good price. If not, it really becomes expensive! I think primer is $5 a can!

Tine, I know if I tried to paint the whole thing I would never finish to play with it. I really want to use this so just the red will go.

Vita Plastica, I knew someone would give me a great tip! Thanks! That is just what I will do. I look for a bad weather day when I'm off to start this.

Tracy India said...

What a great find Ms Leo!! I can't wait to see the progress. :)) Happy Holidays!!