Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tammi Lyn- A Christmas Card For Daddy!

Some might think that send someone a picture of yourself might be a little self centered, but in this case, it is not!  Tammi Lyn is sending her father a picture of her taken at the Magnolia Tea.  This tea was founded by the female members of his family and the last grand hostess, the women in charge of this event, was his mother and her grandmother.  She watched in the distance as a young girl and this is the first time she was old enough to go.  Tammi's mother doesn't like this types of events or living in the South!  She didn't want Tammi to attend.  Tammi didn't mention to her mother when the event was and that she wanted to go.  She saved her money and attended it quietly...or so she thought.

Tammi is send this picture to her dad because she knows how much it would mean to him too!

Dearest Daddy!

Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!  I wish I could spend it with you.  Mother and her new friend are taking me with them skiing so I will not be able to see you for the holiday. 

I have enclosed the Tea Photo taken of me at the Magnolia Tea!  Can you believe it, I am finally old enough to go to the tea!  I used the money you sent me for my birthday and my babysitting money to buy my dress and pay for the picture and ticket.  I even had my tea flowers preserved. 

I sat with Miss, Willie Mae and Miss Sara.  They were friends of Big Mama for all of her life.  They told me great stories about her at the tea!  They said having me there was like having her there!  I really miss her so!

I was so proud and happy to be there.  Please don't tell mother that I went. You know how she feel about those things. 

I hope you are able to come down to see me when I get back from Christmas break. I really want to talk to you.  See you soon.

Love Always,
Your daughter Tammi Lyn

Here is the picture she sent.

Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

She's a cutie. Thanks for sharing her gift to her daddy. I love the backdrops for both photos.

Sergio said...

This is the cutest, emotional and sweetest story I've ever seen!! Great!
*dries his tear*

Muff said...

Okay, this was very sweet. She looks so adorable and I love that she is writing to her dad.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

This was such a sweet story, written by a sweet little girl. I hope she is able to reunite with her Daddy soon.

How in the world was Tammi Lyn able to attend a tea without her mother knowing? Did she receive assistance from another adult? I can't even imagine taking my eyes off such a precious gem long enough for her to attend a function without my knowing it (but then I'm from the old school of parenting) and kids these days are pretty sophisticated.


Vanessa said...

Very sweet post! I'm happy that she attended the tea and didn't let her mother's thoughts prevent her from enjoying something she felt was so special. It is a shame that she isn't able to share her joy with her mom, but I'm glad her dad is there for her. Love all the pictures here.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: wow ... this girl is adorable. I really like the postcard with her photo. Your photos are awesome. . Happy Christmas. Keep in touch

limbe dolls said...

Very touching story!

Georgia Girl said...

Very sweet story! Tammi Lyn is adorable. Love your pics!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana, Sergio, Muff, dbg of BDE, Vanessa, Marta , limbe dolls and Georgia Girl!

I always like the VIP Chyna Parks doll's face and was not sure about her body. I love this doll on her new Liv body! She feels more balanced now. With her great hair and long eyelashes Tammi Lyn has that Southern appeal of Zoe Saldana in Drumline.

D7ana, This is one of my new backdrops I got off the net. I have the time a privacy to do it with so many people at work on vacation! ;)

Sergio and Muff, She really is a sweetie! She is a old-fashioned girl so she believes in writing and not texting.

dbg of BDE, Tammi’s mom is quite taken with her new “friend” and is not paying the type of attention she should to Tammi. It is a good thing that she is a good child at heart.

Muff and limbe dolls, I am glad you felt something emotional with this post and her letter. That is what I was trying to get across.

Vanessa, Yes, you are right it would have been nice for her to have that kind of relationship with her mom and have her mom come too.

Marta and Georgia Girl, I’m glad you like Tammi and the pictures. I hope to put more into the picture that I take.