Saturday, May 5, 2012

Li Shang

You might have noticed from my blog that I have more that one Mulan doll!
What you didn’t know is that I have two Li Shang dolls also! My latest coming
in the mail today! I purchase him nude on eBay. I would have like to have
his outfit but then it would be something else taking up space around here!
It worked out best the way it is!

So, Ms Leo why do you have two Li Shang dolls? First, because they are
different, second because the new one was cheap and third because a dang
well please!

I found it interesting that Disney does one doll by Mattel and then will produce
another version of the same doll with another company. I don’t have the non-Mattel
doll’s box, so I can say what the name of the company of the second doll is.
Mattel will have it's name on many parts of the doll it makes.  Others won't go that far
and may only put the company name on one place like the head or the body. Sadly,
neither part had it on this doll.  Often the non-Mattel dolls don’t look as
good and/or has a poorer quality body. But I can't say that with Li Shang.
So let’s give these guys a good look!

Here is a boxed picture of the Mattel doll.

I can’t show you my doll's picture because my dolls get de-boxed quickly.

The Mattel doll has the gift giving arms and articulated legs.


Will I find a new body for him? Maybe, but he Isn’t high on the body list
right now. He is quite handsome!

He has a mischievous smirk on his face. I have had fun playing with him!
He has a rub on one eyebrow from years of play. He has soft brown
eyes and a tan rosy complexion.  He is a bit of a rascal around here.
I haven’t purchased any new clothing for him in all the time I‘ve had him
nor have I taken him out of his outfit. So that will have to change! Feel
free to comment and suggest some outfits! Links with pictures are
especially helpful.

Here is the non-Mattel doll boxed

What you can’t tell for that picture is that this doll has articulated arms
but not legs! Wow, put them together and you will have a whole articulated doll!
 Oh well!



The Face!  He too is handsome but in a more rugged way!

He has a different face sculpt. He has black eyes, a larger slightly wider
 face and the lips are slightly fuller and more nude that then the rosy color
of the Mattel version. His complexion is tan rather than the rosy compexion
of the Mattel and his facial expression is friendly and not mischievous.
His nose is straighter too.

Close up of Faces.

Mattel: I'm cuter!



Mattel: Hey, what are you doing back there!

Warning! Nude Doll Shots Coming!

Mattel hasn’t thought that many men need undies!

The feet are …
Non- Mattel                                 Mattel

you guessed it …wider too!
Ok, that's it!

Thanks For Looking!


Bambuc said...

Hello! The second doll is a Disney Store Le Shang doll. See this link:

I love your blog! Good lock!

Paumar said...

I like Mattel Li-Shang more than Disney Store. But booth are handsome ;)

Sergio said...

The non Mattel doll reminds me the actor Daniel Dae Kim, but I like better the Mattel doll, I think that this business suit would fit amazingly on him

Muff said...

I like them both! I know I would totally try to meld their bodies together though, lol.

Vanessa said...

How ironic. I went to the Disney store in the mall a couple days agoo for the first time in umpteen years. I used to go all the time. I picked up a Li-Shang doll. All the Disney dolls were $12. I almost bought him but remembered my large collection of Asian dolls and put him back. I do like him though! I look forward to enjoying him on your blog.

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for the comparison. You made me go dig up my Captain Li-Shang. I have the Mattel version and I like him better.

Heather said...

Very awesome, the comparison is great and appreciated!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Bambuc, Paumar, Sergio, Muff, Vanessa, limbe dolls and Heather!

Bambuc and Paumar welcome to my blog!

Bambuc, thanks for the info and your compliment of my blog. I like your icon! Is that your
daughter? She looks like you!

Paumar and Sergio, I think everyone like the Mattel better but in person, it is a very close race!

Muff, I can hear you dremel buzzing as you try to combine them! LOL!

Vanessa, right now he and Etienne are having a drink and winking at you. Who knows what they will be like after their drinks!

limbe dolls, dig him out! He wants to play!

Heather, I find after seeing someone comparison, I either like it more or like it less but at least I am informed.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like Mattel Li Shang-more than Disney. Anyway, are both very similar. Congratulations on your purchase. Your collection of dolls male grows.Keep in touch

D7ana said...

I like the Mattel version better. He's here somewhere ... somewhere ... guess he's busy now.