Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alexis At Target On sale!

Finally, I found the Alexis from Target on sale! It wasn’t
the lowest price I’ve seen but Alexis doesn’t stay around
long enough to make the first( $9.79) mark down let
alone the second markdown in my area. I had to drive
a good ways out to find a Target that had her on sale.

Strange, there are two version of this doll. One is a lighter
complexion and the other is darker. Maybe it the beginning
and end of summer look. I don’t know why but I purchase
the darker one in hopes that she was closer in complexion
to the doll that I have. Most of my dolls are a medium
brown or dark brown. They are between Grace and Kara…
strange too. The store had two so I bought them both.
If I did like them, I could sell them but I didn’t want to
kick my self for not buying both later on.

I also got a shoe set with heels. I needed heels
for these Liv bodies. They were marked down to $2.98.

When I got her home, poor Alexis got "The Borg"
treatment. Her body went to….

Wild Bunch Francie.

She is one of my favorite dolls and needed a possible
body for play. I will keep my original Francie bodies.
One never knows. If you are counting, that is two
Francies with Liv bodies. One to go.

The body is slightly lighter but it will work!

Francie and Puddin' in the park!

Francie can now move around and sit like a lady now.
The Liv swimsuit
went to …

Fiona. She needed a more matures looking swimsuit
and this one fit the build. The wig? Well that is up in
the air.

Dominique grabbed the wig for the
Sports Mag Swimsuit Issue shoot.

This shot made the cover!

The head will go on the dollpage soon.

The Heels!
Fi in heals.

She is going to a wedding!

She loves that now she can wear heels. She loves heels and
couldn’t wear them before.

Wonder what Ian will think of these.
OK! That is it for my budget for now!


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you bought both bodies. I think you would have regretted if you hadn't. Fiona looks great in her new heels. I am so glad that I can live out my shopping through my blogging friends. My doll budget is shot for the next month or so.

D7ana said...

Huhhhh sniff uhhhh cough sniff ... oh, don't mind me crying in the corner.

D7ana who NEVER finds Alexis on sale.

Oh, I am kidding. Congrats on your finds! Black Francie and Fiona look great. Thanks for sharing ;-D

Dollz4Moi said...

Love it. So glad you found the darker Alexis'. I keep picking them up when I see them. I have so may dolls that the bodies may be perfect for.

Fi is working those heels. I think I have 2 sets of those heels. I have to make one set black.

Ms. Leo said...

Vanessa,D7ana and Dollz4Moi, it was you guy that lead me down this road. I thank you, my budget, not so much. I passed these dolls by last year. Not any more. The body box is getting Bigger!

Vanessa, Oh no! Your budget is shot? There go my hopes that if I could make something, I would always be able to buy dolls!:) .I guess we all have to spend within reason. I would look in some of your hiding stops. You might find something and not have to purchase. Just so that you know, I'm still looking to add a newer Integrity male to my collection.
Every time I see yours on you blog, I get a little jelly. Fi is rocking the heels! Francie is coming out to play. Thanks!

Thanks D7ana. Fiona is really coming along as I imagined her! I have to work on her stories. Francie is now testing outfits.

Thanks Dollz4Moi. Yeah, Fiona is loving the shoes. Black...I didn't think of may have something there! More shoes is soo on my list!

Vanessa said...

Being able to make something just allows for you to always be able to pay for the unexpected bills that seem to show up when you least expect it. Last month it was a new faucet. This month it was car registration, and new license. Yesterday I thought I was going to have to call the electrician, but I figured that one out. We are not going to talk about the "Check Engine" light in my car that I have ignored. Next repair. The doll budget usually takes a little break in the summer time. Also keep in mind, if it's not on the list, I am not buying it until I get the major doll that is on the list. I can't wait for you guys to see him!!! No hints until I have him in my pretty little hands.

Ms. Leo said...

Plumbing problems and check engine light, those are scarier than turn around and seeing the alien standing there opening his mouth! Help me, help me help me! I still take care of the car stuff myself…only because I don’t want to hear my hubby’s mouth about how I drive and park and care for the car. I learned to drive after we met. Being a professional driver and instructor, he tried to teach me. You know how that worked out. LOL. I like to say I personally gave him the gray hair! Ha Ha! You know, I’ve had a hand mixer longer than I’ve had the car. I had no problems from the hand mixer! Who really cares if a car is parked straight! Yeah, I tell you when I’m on the road!

Ms. Leo said...

Opps, I forgot! Hubby handles all house related problem. He can't fix everything but he is fast with a checkbook! I love that man! I'm in charge of vacations! I hate vacations unless I'm at the Flower Show. Big difference between a day off and a vacation! The whole expectation thing!