Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liv Sale At Target!

I found these items on sale at Target!
First, is the Spin Master Making Waves Cabana. I had my
eye on this one for a while but didn’t like the price. Good
things do come to those who wait. It was on sale for $6.44.
Sweet huh! This will get added to my St. Malcolm props!

Also the Making Waves dolls, the ones they had left
were on sale for $6.89 at the second mark down. The first
was $9.98. I got another Hayden for my Smashin' Satin
Francie. I still need a Katie for my Glad About Francie.
Finally, these Liv coats were on sale for $2.98. I
stocked up!

The claiming started the moment they came out of the bag!

What I have noticed is that different things are on sale at
different Targets. I can't figure out why. In one target store I
found summer play sets (cabana and others), some clothing
(KiKi’s dress from previous post) and swimsuit dolls on sale.
I picked them up and I am glad I did. At another store I
found only coats on sale. So, I picked up 3 coat sets. Coats
were on sale at my local store yet but play set weren't on
sale at other store. I guess I need to make the rounds!
Alexis wasn’t on sale at either store. She is who I’m really
looking forward to get a hold of on sale.


Vanessa said...

Way to go! I love my cabana set. Didn't get mine on sale, but was fine paying regular price. Came in handy at the beach. I have all of the coat sets. Danielle owns the blue one and she looks really good in it. You are right about Target having different sales on their clearance items. When the sale is in the circular, it applies to all the Targets, but the clearances seem to be dictacted per store. I have even noticed that some of the Target prices are different per store. Some of the stores have the Basic accessory sets for $14.98 and others have it for $19.98. It is a little odd. Maybe they are independantly owned to a certain degree.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa! Yeah, you gotta love the cabana! Can you believe that I don't remember seeing it in the beach scenes? I have to review! It matches well with the Jammin' Jamaican stuff from My Scene. I have both of those sets. I went to a Target out of the city and found a few things I will post later. The sales there were different too but there were sales! Wal-Mart no sales…what is up with that?
There is some serious fighting going on over the coats! Dominique and Francie fight for the parka, Aya and Fiona fight for the trench. Aya things the trench makes her look Black Swanish and she loved that movie. Camille scooped up the cami jacket while all the fighting was going on. I am afraid I my have to get two more coats!

Vanessa said...

Ms. Leo - There is a good reason you didn't see it in the videos. It wasn't there! LOL! I actually used it on a blog post, but the cabana isn't showing in the picture.

I also used parts of it in the Taylor beach photostory.

I had it sitting on the beach when I wasn't filming. So in my mind it was in the videos. I enjoyed seeing it everyday, so it served a purpose.