Monday, March 15, 2010

My purchase from the Flower Show

I picked up a few miniatures to add to my dioramas from
the Phila. International Flower Show. There were a lot of
great thing to buy but I controlled myself. I still don't
know how I'm going to use them but here they are!

Tea Sets! Trina had to step in
and show her new jacket
I got from Monkey Depot.

Copper pails/vase--They look antique so
maybe for an older couple.
Sorry PC-Joey post on Wed.


smidge girl said...

Oooh, awesome finds! I love the copper pails-- I love anything copper! And hooray for Monkey Depot! Trina looks great in that jacket!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks smidge girl. The pails were $1.50. I couldn't pass them up for that price.