Thursday, March 11, 2010

My New Purchase!

New Purchase!

This my new purchase--- The My Scene---Guava Gulch Tiki Lounge
What a Guava Gulch is?... I don't know.
I saw it it the stores when it first came out(2003-2004).
That was before I started viewing and doing dioramas.
I thought it was cute but didn't purchase it. Thank goodness for ebay!

Philly Collector has got me now reading the boxes now.
The box says " The reggae's pumpin" and the girls are jumpin;
at the hottest local spot in Jamaica. I'm not so sure what kind
of message that they are trying to send to young girls with that!
It also says "as seen in the My Scene movie: Jammin in Jamaica.
Has anyone seen the movie? I hope they are jumping rope!
Anyway..... here it is out of the box.

Love these chairs! I will have to make some cushions for
them. They may not stay with the set.Table and umbrella...
very cute.

Palm leaves, torches and tiki pots/stands... also cute.


smidge girl said...

Ooooooh, cool! I've seen lots of pieces from this set scattered around ebay, but I've never seen the whole thing together. Those chair are too cute! Great pick up!

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing these photos and your observations about this playset, Ms. Leo. There are some really cute pieces in the Lounge: the chairs, the umbrella table, and the bar.

Guava is a fruit, but I don't know if "Guava Gulch Tiki" has a special meaning. Shrug. Nice playset though ;-)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana and smidge girl. I like them too!
I have a lamp that I have from the My Scene coffe cafe that goes well with the chairs. I think I need few more items. The parrot fell into the drinks and is singing show tones!:)