Monday, January 25, 2010

New man in my life! Updated!


Don't tell my husband but there is a new man in my life! Darren! I purchased a Rocawear Darren this weekend. I wasn't going to go to the toy store, it kinda just happen. While I was there... guess who I saw. Darren! I didn't realize I was running to the register until I saw people staring at me ! I am really not a MIB kinda girl, so he was out of the box by the time I got to my car!

My review
I could never get a really good look at him on line! I couldn't tell what he looked like! The pictures on the back of the other Rocawear doll did him a little better justice. I think you do have to see him in person! I have always thought that face paint on a doll is what gives them their character and this is true for Darren. His head mold says 2009 which is new, although he does have the Jamal/Steven face. It is not quite as large as some of the balloon head male dolls but not as small as the original Jamal. The face paint makes his features more pronounced! His lips and nose look broader than Jamal. It gives him his own look even with the Jamal face. His hair is painted on in a close- cut style which is often referred to as a "Philly". It is different from the "Philly Fade" seen here on the Slash and Color Steven. (FYI-Philly leads the trends on AA men's hair fashion.) His eye are hazel. His body is the same as the jointed AA Prince Aidan doll. He has a slightly redder hue.

Darren as compared to Aidan and Steven.
OK! Untied sneakers have played out!
Great outfit!
2009 was a good year for the Mattel Barbie line and AA dolls. The Basic, AA Basic and the SIS lines are moving well!


D7ana said...

Congratulations on your Steven, the new 1:6 man in your life.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, it is nice to have a man who is not looking for dinner or clean laundry. Hehe

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations on Darren and thanks for sharing the head mold comparison images. Aiden... hmmmm?

I now own two Darrens... I needed his outfit for another doll that I have not taken the time to redress yet, but will soon.


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Black Doll Enthusiast. I now have 6 males with that face mold. The markings on some are different but the face is the same. Next to Brad/Curtis, which is my favorite, it comes in second. I'll have to show them all one day!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

That would be a great. I'd love to see them together. A dear friend is attempting to pick up at least one of all AA Brad/Curtis/Steven/Jamal dolls. I recently won a Steven (the handsome one from back in the 90s for her on eBay). That's why I went hmmm... about Aidan, but he essentially is Jamal and she already has an authentic Jamal. I guess I won't try to locate an Aidan for her. I think finding a Brad and Curtis will be most difficult, based on how much she is willing to pay. Those two are my absolute favorites and then comes the 1990s Steven. Is Steven part of your collection?

smidge girl said...

Yay! I was hoping someone would get him so I could see a real picture of him. It's surprising how different he looks, even with the same head mold. I like his smile. It's a little more subtle, not like the goofy grin a lot of the guys have now. Congrats on your new cutie:)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks smidge girl. Now he needs a girl. I don't like the side looking SIS dolls. They either look sneaky or like they thinks someone might grab thier purse! I like Chandra but not the eyes.