Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cleaning out and clearing out--First on the list of things to go..... Bratz!

In cleaning out and clearing out I will look at the things I know that must go first!
#1 Bratz

I have been given a few Bratz dolls by well meaning friends and some came as part of an auction for other things that I wanted. Bratz are not my cup of tea. Many people like them but they are just not me. So the Bratz dolls are a no brainer and are number one on my list of things to go. I have four females dolls and one male doll, a car and some clothes that I will need to find a new home for. Anyone looking for Bratz contact me. I do trades!


D7ana said...

Good luck with your Bratz emigration, Ms. Leo. I don't have any Bratz dolls - NOT my style either, LOL - just Bratz accessories.

Sigh. Have tons of other dolls that need to go. Sigh. Time, time, time.

smidge girl said...

I never did make the connection with Bratz dolls either. Too cartoonish for me, but they do have some cool accessories, and some of the Bratz boys clothes look cute on sixth scale ladies. Good luck getting rid of them, and everything else you need to purge. I'm working on doing the same thing.

Ms. Leo said...

D7ana and smidge girl.....I thought they were going to be off the shelf after Christmas but I still see them. If Mattel can keep the accessories that would be great. They can recycle them but not in pink. LOL