Monday, January 11, 2010

Brothers! The Boys from Brazil

Brothers! The Boys from Brazil

One of the easiest ways to have a doll family is to use the
same head molds. Here we have two brothers. Both are the
HSM Chad heads but for the taller one I have put the
Chad head on a Steven Palm Beach body. The Steven doll
has the right complexion.

Now he is the older brother. Style the hair just a little
different and I haven't given them names yet. I already
have a doll named Chad. I will let you know when I
name them.

I thought that Brazilian Barbie should be their sister
because she has the same unruly hair.


D7ana said...

I like this idea. Have done similar stuff - my two Generation Girl Chelseas are twins, etc.

It's a fun way and great excuse to have more than one doll with the same head sculpt LOL.

Ms. Leo said...

Yeah! When I first did it I wanted just the taller doll then I went out and purchase a new chad to have together.