Saturday, September 21, 2019

Johnston University!

Hey Gang!

It is the first day or the semester and the first day of class for 
Propessor Darien Templeton.

Darien: Good morning! This is room 103 and this is Introduction to Women 
in the Theatre. My name is Professor Darien Templeton.

I'll passing out my syllabus which contains my bio, office numbers and hours, 
along with the schedule for the class and the name of the book 
we will be using!

She handed her copies of the syllabus to the young lady in the
first seat.  

Darien: Please pass these back.

Keyarah past the pile of papers behind her!

I will take the roll and and if you can tell me why you're taking 
the class and what is your experience with the Theatre.  We will
start with you. and pointed to Stella.

Stella: So my name is Stella Starling...yeah, you would think with 
that name that I would have to be an actress, or a dancer at a  
gentlemen's club!  (Everyone laughs!) But I am a journalism major and 
this is and elective for me. Oh and I thought it would be interesting.

Lynette: My name is Lynette More and I'm a business major and this is an 
elective for me.

My name is Jose and I am completing  my BA in nursing.

This is an elective for me too and I am hoping to impress my wife and daughter
that I am not a macho caveman.  (They all laugh again!)

Phoebe, Emily-Ann and Morgan stated that they were art majors and it was
a requirement for them.
The syllabus arrive to them at that point and they 
passed them on.

Keyarah: My Keyarah Drummon,  and I am also a business major.
(She and and Lynette look at each other realizing that the will probably 
have classes together.)

and it an elective for me but a just love the theatre and have made it a point
for my daughter and I to attend plays.

Jamie and Lula were but teaching major and this was and elective for them.


OK, you can take notes on to day's lesson and the PowerPoint will be on Blackboard.

OK, Thanks For Looking! 


april_n_paris said...

Well, good luck to everybody on their first day of school and I wish everyone a very productive semester!!! What an interesting gang of students!

Wendy Dirks said...

Oh, does this bring back memories! Looking forward to following through the semester.

monstercrafts said...

Fun enough, it's been also the first week of college for me. Hopefully, this will be my last year, as I expect to graduate this summer.

Georgia Girl said...

Great post! It is good to see some dolls that I have not seen in a while.

Alisa said...

do you have an instagram account?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April, Wendy, monstercraft, Georgia Girl and Alisa!

April and Wendy, I miss being in school! I need to take another class! I am hoping to show some of my fond memory of college!

monstercraft, I hope you have a great school year along with them!

Georgia Girl, I need to do more dioramas and show more of my collection!

Alisa, I have just started on IG.