Saturday, February 9, 2019

Insight From fellow Bloggers!

Hey Gang!

I came across this post from a fellow blogger, Karen Raye!  She is a food
blogger but I found her information is relevant! She talks about things
that have changed blogging!

Kitchen Treaty 

Give the blog a good look! There are a lot of good recipes there!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


april_n_paris said...

It's really interesting to see how social media trends impact blogging no matter the subject. I know there are followers and surfers who come to my sight just to look at the pretty pictures. That's why I set up Instagram. But it's only for the pictures as I refuse to do 3 photo tutorials. I feel that the collectors serious about making fashions for their dolls will always return to my blog to get detailed tutorials and more of an insight as to what is in fashion and how I put outfits together. Over the past 6 years of my blog, I have notice a drop in interest which I assume is due to people finding new hobbies, life getting in the way of doll play, fewer people discovering the world of dolls because there are fewer physical stores selling them and the sheer increase in the cost of good quality dolls. I opted not to do Adsense because I did not want to crap up my blog for a lousy $11 a month (projected). Thank you for that very interesting link.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment April! I found this interesting too! I have just started on Instagram. For me Instagram and Facebook doesn't allow me the real voice of my thoughts that blogging does. I think bloggers and blog readers a more savvy that those of other social media and are looking for interaction. They kinda know the answers to the basic questions and don't ask those questions. You many not get 30 likes but blog read aren't easily impressed! For every 3 comments, you may have 50 people who looked at your post. It takes a lot to really impress old hands at blogging and their comments are a real treasure!

Now I am not making money off my blog and I guess I know of few doll bloggers who are. It would be nice to but it not the reason I do this.
I love the interaction of like minds.

Jeanie Schmidt said...

I use Facebook largely to keep in touch with friends and family. My original blog was for jumping up on my soapbox about whatever topic was on my mind and I noticed Barbie slowly taking it over... so made a second one for the dolls! That's pretty much all my social media.

I was so tickled to discover all you other Doll People out there. Finally, someone who won't roll their eyes at me!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I blog because I love to write. That coupled with my hobby and passion for collecting black dolls and preserving their history drives me to continue blogging regardless of the known readership. I enjoy receiving comments about my posts, but even though comments have declined, I continue to write.

Things change and the Internet is an ever-evolving tool with different features that excite people more than others. Some people just like to look at pictures while others enjoy obtaining information about the subject matter. I have branched off into Instagram, but it doesn't provide me with the personal satisfaction that blogging provides. I moderate a Facebook group and I am a member of several groups where there is active interaction with people who share my interest. But even in groups, lengthy posts are not readily embraced, because as I've indicated, a lot of people just don't like to read. They seek instant gratification.

So even if I'm an audience of one on my blog, I'll continue to write about the dolls I love.


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jeanie and dbg of BDE! For a lot of people, their blog is their soap box! It can be a one-way conversation. But with comments, it can provide food for thought.

Jeanie, I have one facebook page for family and friend and one for dolls! I think I have discovered more doll people on Facebook than any other media.